Sunday, January 31, 2010



I’ve had to say goodbye more times than I’d liked to,

but I guess everyone can say that…


Even though no matter how many times we say it;

even if it’s for the greater good, it still stinks…


We will never ever forget what we’ve given up,

because we owe it to ourselves to keep moving on.


What we can’t do is to live our life constantly afraid of the next goodbye,

because the chances are that they’re not going to stop.


The trick is to recognise that a goodbye can also be a good thing,

just because it is a chance to start again;

and one can never be too late to start over.

Friday, January 29, 2010

from where I got the burn

Well, if you’ve been on facebook, you’d most probably know that I’ve got sun burned. Without doubt, I know from where I got it in an instant!

DSC_9886 from the seaside, duhh…


Well, a group of us went to Melaka last weekend for our lecturer’s wedding dinner. One thing’s for sure, we’ve had hell of a time!

DSC_9827 A group picture of us with the bride!


It was also my first time taking so many people around my hometown! Imagine 8 cars going everywhere together! you’ll definitely not miss us if you’re at the roadside looking!

IMG_5277 what’s going around town without camwhoring ehh?


DSC_9800 ohh, everyone dressed up so prettily that night! (it’s the first time we guys seen our corusmates all dressed up for an occasion like this!)


IMG_5263 Hello from Melaka!~


p/s: finally completed my thesis’s draft to be handed up!~ I should have more time to spend… (keeps fingers crossed)

Monday, January 25, 2010

pek cek

IMG_5290 yea, I’m back from Melaka. (Just so the whole world knows I’m safe and I had a good time)

having a good time has it’s price too…

I’m over exhausted, sun burned and like I’ve said before, over exhausted….


I have to finish up my thesis by Thursday, so please forgive the short update and a short holiday from blogging. (I’ll still be FB-ing on and off if you’re wondering)


till then… wish me luck…

P/S: I’m having a hard time looking for journals... can I just write it in my own words, own understanding without referring to anything!??!?!?!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Talk of The Week


The “it” thing in my university now would the the Ball night on March 7th. almost everyone in the campus is talking about it and it would be a silly mistake if we, the final sem students, missed it. Thus, I’ve secured myself a seat to the prestigious event ( I’ve had to pay RM110 for it. So, it’s kinda a big deal.).

Week 1 of the semester is ending tomorrow and I only had the first lecture yesterday. I’m taking 3 core subjects and one elective (going to choose between interpersonal communication and introduction to sociology) this year.

jigglypuff The lectures are all not too bad except for Genomics and Bioinformatics. The lecturer’s like the deepak chopra reciting a mantra. If that’s not bad, the classes are in the afternoon. Add these 2 up and you’ll get jigglypuff (he looks exactly like one too, the lecturer) singing at the front of the class with a mic. (I believe you know what that particular pokemon does.)

*I’m very bad, I know.*

I’ve finally got my first thesis draft back from my supervisor 2 days ago. Let’s just say that I’ve never thought that a paper can be scribbled THAT badly. It’s like I’m visually challenged or he’s… ok let’s not go there, he’s still my supervisor after all. Guess extra effort and time will be needed to put into my thesis writing and correction. To top the cake with icing, I’ll have to submit the second draft by next week! *faints* (As ahyii calls it, the pathetic life of a FYP student.)


That’s all for now. I’ll be back to Melaka tomorrow to take my friends from KL around!~ (meaning that there might not be updates from me until the next week)

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

uno, dos, tres,


As I’ve mentioned on my previous post, Semester started yesterday (Jan 18th) and it’s quite nice to see that everyone’s still “intact”. Slight changes were observed here and there, but nothing major if you’d ask me. We only had 2 hours of lecture and catching up is hardly done since the first lecture ends about an hour early.

Despite the 4pm class, I arrived at 9am to the lab in hope of finishing my results part of my thesis. Sadly, I still have some to go. Anyways, the day continues with about 2 hours of glass ware washing (culture bottles etc. etc.) before the class begins.

With the Current condition of the lab being clean, empty (almost everything has been moved to Kampar), cold, and comfy It will the the official hang out spot for the PTC students!~ MEH! (adapted from Evann since I’ve found it quite useful)

Oh! There’s one thing that took me off by surprise. Being MIA from the lab for 2-3 weeks has caused me to lose track of what’s been going on there. Apparently, they have moved the racks and orbital shaker to Kampar as well. My suspension culture on the orbital shaker was gone! O________O *confuzzled*



IMG_5190 Since it was Dajie’s birthday 3 days ago and everyone’s not around, we decided to have dinner today at Quatro’s Summer Restaurant. The ambience is good, the food’s tasty, the drinks are refreshing, the plates are ginormous and the tables are microscopic! So, I guess you’ve got the whole idea.



Oh!~ Guess what! PeakMun’s back from Australia and she got me a RockyRoad!!!!~ AHHH!!!~~~ *goes insane* I.LOVE. ROCKY.ROAD! WOOTSZAA!!!

IMG_5239 one bite and my eyes are filled with tears of joy and happiness~ pure bliss!~ (I‘m damn kua jiong I know…)

PeakMun was rolling on the floor laughing when I told her bout my past rocky road experience in Candy Empire, Vivo City, Singapore. (or at least I guess she was rolling on the floor. *wonders*)


AHA! I’ve gotta go to prepare for class! I shall stop here and yea… go for class. XD

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Ready, Get set…

I’m back in KL!~

The only reason for me to be back is mainly because my semester commence tomorrow! *like what* I’ll still be going to the lab early tomorrow even though class starts at 4pm to get my thesis over and done with. (The sooner I get over it, the sooner I can rest. no?)

It’s been a while since I’ve met some of my friends, hmm… wonder how they’re doing eh?


Anywayz, I’ve went out with my sisters when I arrived at PJ to OU for lunch and some jalan-jalan.

Lunch at Pasta Zanmai was superb! Love it when you have a group of people to eat together, sharing food is always fun! HA!

IMG_5038 R We officially label ourselves as Junkie! Don't get me wrong, it’s junk food kinda junkie, not drugs, can…

goodies my sisters got me~ o0oOo0oo lalaa!~ (Thanks Guys!) ^^


Ahh! let’s just hope that this final sem is a good one!~

@Evann, I’m back!~ Let’s chill! XD

Friday, January 15, 2010

I shaved my head.

yes, and I put some words on it for this blog.

thephoto (10) what do you guys think?

thephoto someone spotted this at the walk of fame.

guess it’s me… XD


oh, I spotted this while I was looking at the sky.

thephoto (4)


I know I know…

you must be thinking that I’m vain…

and there’s no point for me to deny the fact that I am!~ XD

thephoto (5)



P/S: The mother’s taking a day of today to hit the shops with me!!! It’s gonna be fun!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

RC again


when you’ve got nothing to do.

when you’re alone at home.

when you don’t wanna do your thesis.

when you’re bored.

when you don’t wanna think of anything at all.


you RC!~ XD

Monday, January 11, 2010

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Thursday, January 7, 2010

to the outskirts

it’s nice when all you see are greens, with fresher air, and less hot!~ ^^

IMG_5006 trees~


IMG_5001 the nice blue sky!~ gotta love it!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Retail therapy!~

Not that I’m really stressed out or what, but I’s time to shop for CNY clothes!!!~ I was super doper hyped up the last few days hunting down for clothes in the malls. You’ll know if you’re following my facebook status updates.

I was actually only planning to watch movies on Friday with my friend at Pavilion since I’m the only person left at home. But little do I know, the sales are actually going on! I somehow came across Cotton On and with their huge sales banner hanging everywhere in the shop (literally everywhere, you’ll never miss it) I decided to go and have a look. I was pretty glad, walking out form the shop with 2 tops!~













both tops from cotton on~ love it!~


Got this GAP basic tee at 1U.



a lilbit Ex. but I’ve compensate by buying another polo tee (the black one in the top picture). Thus, the total for both tops are still less than RM100. XD



*That’s what I plan to tell mum* XD

(mum thinks spending RM50 for a tee is too much, which I agree. But, but… I know…)



Right, I shall save some money and spend in the the malls at Malacca when I get back!

I might get another top, one more jeans and I think my shopping work is done!~ ^^


Malacca, here I come!!!~

Sunday, January 3, 2010

new year’s eve

I know I owe you all this post, but I was akinda busy shopping lately thus delaying it. XD


Well, my new year countdown was a rather simple one. Since the traffic would be very bad at night, I opted to stay home instead of counting down elsewhere. So, a group of us went for lunch at Frontera at Jaya One.

IMG_4977 Frontera Bar and Grill.

Everyone adores the nachos!~

loves the talks~

page 1 and of coz, the food!~

IMG_4975 the atmosphere is not bad too!~ (but abit warm, I was sweating away)


IMG_4959 Happy New Year!~

Friday, January 1, 2010


It’s a new day, of a new year! It’s peaceful today, don’t you think? The streets in KL are so empty, I can close my eyes and cross the road without having to worry about getting hit by a car! Guess everyone’s busy sleeping after last night’s countdown parties ehh?

It took me about 4 hours last night, to read my blog posts from January 2009 to December 2009. And it occurred to me that I blogged alot! and I mean ALOT! I’ve blogged about almost everything that happens, and I can swear that I can still remember everything so clearly. Some reminds me of the great times I’ve had, some sent me chills to the spine, some making me emo, and some sent me laughing my lungs out (I think my neighbours can hear me laughing)! gosh I love myself!

Life’s full of surprises, and I love surprises! Be it good or bad, it’s still a surprise. Which is why, one of my resolutions this year would be to treat everything as a surprise! If there’s one thing I’ve learn last year, it would be that “you can’t control the uncontrollable”. So, taking things as a surprise and deal with it with an open heart. That’ll definitely make me live happier, no?

My second resolution would be to be able to make sure that I can achieve my goals and targets I’ve set myself. That includes graduating, and pursuing my future plans I’ve made for myself. So, I’ll have to start mapping out all the things that I’ll have to do to achieve and put it into execution mode.

Thirdly, I shall continue blogging to record down the major events that has happened around me. The good times are to be immortalized, the bad times are to serve as a reminder, the mistakes for me to learn from it, and the promises that I’ve made to act as a reminder of who I am.

Last but not least, I shall choose to live happily. Change my mind set about certain issue and I believe I’ll be able to do so!~


To everyone out there!~ HAPPY 2010!~