Sunday, January 8, 2012

Life . Challenges . Changes

Often in life, we predict the outcome of someone else’s life. Neglecting our own.

Judgements are done based on personality, actions, and a tad of prejudice. But little did we know, people change. Things change. Along with time, personality, actions and everything changes.

Someone whom I get to know long ago, a jerk, arrogant, careless and playful person has now became a dad probably due to the above reasons. Is now a good husband, caring father and a breadwinner.

This prompted me to look at myself instead. Am I still who I was 10 years ago? Did I grow? In what ways? Is it for the better? What would I be in the future?

Success, how do we measure success? What is success? How long is the time I should allocate for myself to be successful. Does it mean owning a nice house and a good car? Or having a family of my own to share my simple life with? Can it be also the best of both worlds? Yes, the best of both worlds is what I should be aiming for.

Where am I standing? how do I fair? are there any guidelines which we can use to measure ourselves? I’m becoming 24 soon. and I've not have any idea on what I should do to myself. Am I giving myself pressure? or am I complacent? Do I work hard enough to be where I wanted to be? And what do I want out of life?

Challenges are opportunities. That’s how I perceive it. Which is why I have been taking up many challenges to increase my value in the market. Being the sole account manager for a huge corporate client is going to be difficult, but I hope it pays. Promotions and salary review is around the corner, bonuses are still unknown. I like to challenge myself like how I like people to challenge me. It makes me more competitive, sharp and prepared. Stress keeps my adrenaline pumping and me working.

I like challenges, but it must pay. Else, Changes must be made.

What is the duration I should give myself to achieve the targets I’ve set for myself in this company? How long before I should execute the idea of promoting myself to the next level if this company can no longer give me what I want? “you will know when the time has come” – my cousin told me.

In year 2012, I want to live happily, with an open mind to explore new things. and remember every single step of the way to success!

Happy 2012 everyone!