Saturday, April 21, 2012


Here it comes again, the feeling of excitement, joy, and sorrow. Love and hate. The uncertainties I have to face.

A huge decision has been made to switch  to a new environment. Thus, It’s a huge change that I’ll have to adapt to.

I’m going to miss what I have, but I’m looking forward to what’s in stored for me.

It’s another window closed, but now the door on the other side opened.



and then, there’s this feeling that you can’t talk about…

Life’s like a riddle…

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

just another year

Another year has come and gone.

Another year with only one post every month. Another year where blogging seems so distant. Another year, I noticed that I find it difficult to find the right words to describe my feelings, expressions, and thoughts.

Another Year, another new goal, another unachievable target.

Another burden, another responsibility, another stress.

When can I get the strength to let go everything and just leave?

To go where I want.

To do what I want.

To live how I want.

When I want.

With who I want.


Making These decisions. I can’t only think about me. Even though single, There’s never only “me” in the picture.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

of value and values

what differentiate the values we have with our value?

I’m kinda going through a rough spot these days.

hopefully everything would be fine…


Sunday, January 8, 2012

Life . Challenges . Changes

Often in life, we predict the outcome of someone else’s life. Neglecting our own.

Judgements are done based on personality, actions, and a tad of prejudice. But little did we know, people change. Things change. Along with time, personality, actions and everything changes.

Someone whom I get to know long ago, a jerk, arrogant, careless and playful person has now became a dad probably due to the above reasons. Is now a good husband, caring father and a breadwinner.

This prompted me to look at myself instead. Am I still who I was 10 years ago? Did I grow? In what ways? Is it for the better? What would I be in the future?

Success, how do we measure success? What is success? How long is the time I should allocate for myself to be successful. Does it mean owning a nice house and a good car? Or having a family of my own to share my simple life with? Can it be also the best of both worlds? Yes, the best of both worlds is what I should be aiming for.

Where am I standing? how do I fair? are there any guidelines which we can use to measure ourselves? I’m becoming 24 soon. and I've not have any idea on what I should do to myself. Am I giving myself pressure? or am I complacent? Do I work hard enough to be where I wanted to be? And what do I want out of life?

Challenges are opportunities. That’s how I perceive it. Which is why I have been taking up many challenges to increase my value in the market. Being the sole account manager for a huge corporate client is going to be difficult, but I hope it pays. Promotions and salary review is around the corner, bonuses are still unknown. I like to challenge myself like how I like people to challenge me. It makes me more competitive, sharp and prepared. Stress keeps my adrenaline pumping and me working.

I like challenges, but it must pay. Else, Changes must be made.

What is the duration I should give myself to achieve the targets I’ve set for myself in this company? How long before I should execute the idea of promoting myself to the next level if this company can no longer give me what I want? “you will know when the time has come” – my cousin told me.

In year 2012, I want to live happily, with an open mind to explore new things. and remember every single step of the way to success!

Happy 2012 everyone!