Thursday, February 24, 2011


Hello bloggies, It has indeed been a while. More than just a while actually until some of my friends actually called me to ask me if I’m ok because I’ve not been blogging for quite sometime.

As the title implies, I have been missing in action of the blogging world, but not at all in the actual world. You would have notice that I actually stopped blogging as frequently once I’ve started working as compared to while I was studying. So, yea. I'm focusing on my career now that I’m in the workforce.

For those who doesn’t know what I’m doing, I’m working in the IT department of a claims managing company as a Management Trainee current;y learning up data control (Yes, I’m a BioTech Grad, I know). The job is by far challenging and I loved it quite alot as there are so much to learn.

Sometimes, I miss my Uni days… =(