Wednesday, March 31, 2010

T-bowl treat

in conjunction to my birthday, Ren Quan decided that he wants to treat me and Joanne (her birthday too) to a meal!~

and so, we’ve decided to go to a newly opened restaurant called “T-bowl” in Sungei Wang.


as you can see from the outside, it’s a toilet based concept restaurant.

IMG_6291 ohh~ smell the aroma of the food!~


IMG_6283 the drink I ordered seem like someone’s urine with blood in it! Heavens! Kidney stone!


IMG_6304 and gals, this is not how a guy pee…

IMG_6265 Thanks RQ for the lovely treat!~ ^^

Monday, March 29, 2010

the cakes I’ve had

I have a total of 3 cakes this birthday! WOOOTS!~

ok, the first one would be the one from the Plaza gang.

23493_415994232008_703547008_5138389_416715_n[2] yup, this is the cake where my face got all over it.


IMG_6210  then I have this Mango cake which is super yummilicious from my family when I’m back in Melaka~ ^^


PIC_0146 and the last one is actually cupcakes!!!~ given my my kaijies last night and we had dinner at water lily which is a very nice restaurant!~



And I would like to thank everyone who have wished me in Facebook, texted me or verbally wished me!~ Thanks alot people!~ your wishes makes my birthday all the more meaningful!~ ^^

Saturday, March 27, 2010

cake mask

yup yup!~ *continuation from the previous post*

We were all already tired after a full day out in the shops and we finally got home. Not long after that, a call came and we are required to help the girls at the opposite to move some stuffs from downstairs. And so, we went.

Little did we know, surprise awaits!

*fast forward to interesting part*

after the birthday song, we are required to take the candles off the cake with out mouth. I finally got a taste of what I have been doing to people on their birthday, and most of them got their revenge that particular night. XD









              yup, I got Phunked indeed….


23493_415994242008_703547008_5138391_7269026_n the 3 birthday babies!~


23493_415995897008_703547008_5138408_3906600_n ohh, I got it… I really really got it….

but it’s fun!~ XD

it’s the first time I ate cake through my nostrils!


and this is the nice cake they got for us~


and after the facial treatment,



and a very thanks to the Plaza Gang for setting this up together with a few friends!~ and special thanks to Pun Jing as the organizer for this event and luring us out for the whole day!~ XD

23493_415996452008_703547008_5138479_780041_n I’ve had a great time!~

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Birthday outings

As planned last week, Pun Jing, Joanne Sook Wen and I went out yesterday to celebrate our birthdays!~ of the many places to decide, we went to Mid Valley!~

we are already hungry upon arrival thus, we stopped by Shi Lin for a bowl of mee sua (my favourite) and a XXL chicken chop!

IMG_5957 after that, it’s movie time!~

We watched the lovely bones!~ I personally think it’s a good movie, with it’s ability to take you into it and feel what Susie is feeling. There are thrilling parts, and funny parts too!

It was dinner time after the movie and we’ve settled for Ikan Bakar at the Oasis Food court!~

IMG_5968 scrumptious!~


page A picture taken during dinner~


IMG_5982 We walked around the mall after that and met up with Pun Jing’s sister and find ourselves sitting in ZEN for cakes!!!~ (what can be more lovely for cake on a birthday celebration?)


IMG_5995 ohh~ heavenly sinful!~ XD

We went home after that and got ourselves clean up. Little did we know, The night isn’t still over!

I’ll leave that for the next post!~

P.S: Thanks Pun Jing, Joanne and Sook Wen for yesterday’s outing, I’ve had a great day!~ ^^

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

St. Paddy’s Festival!~

IMG_5891 Went to celebrate St. Patrick’s festival the other day with Peak Mun at 1U!~

and everything is GREEN in color!

IMG_5886 we played games,

IMG_5907 took interesting photos!~

IMG_5904 more games!~


and alot of food!~ (I was so bz eating I forgot to take pictures of the food.)

anywayz, you wanna have a look at the ultimate noobie?!

IMG_5936 there, I can assure you, I’m doing this against my will… O_______O


till then!~

Sunday, March 21, 2010

he called me cilaka!

There’s this cab I took from the train station to my house in KL. The Driver is an a**h***!

he started the meter before I got in, he drive on the left lane tailing behind the lorry so slowly while the right lane is going smoothly.

and while I am still about 15 min walk away the ride already cost me RM7 while it only takes about RM5+ to reach my home. So, I decided that I should get down and walk home instead of letting him suck the money out of my pocket.

and guess what?!

He scolded me “pukima”, and called me a “cilaka punya orang”.


well, what can I do?

I paid for the ride, smile at him, got down the cab and before I closed the door, I told him “Encik, awak lebih cliaka daripada saya tahu? Fikirlah sendiri.”. and I slam shut the door.


Yea, I can be that bad at times, he is the one who’s finding fault with me in the first place and still he scold me! how dare him!

Anyway, it shall be in my past.


Have a good day!~

Thursday, March 18, 2010

my carrot cake


as some of you might know, I was back in Melaka for 4 days since there’s no classes on Monday and Tuesday.

What’s better to do besides Baking a cake since there are still ingredients available and I have access to the oven at home!

IMG_5032 and voila! I baked a cake! (the crème cheese topping is yet to be spread)

Besides getting to eat it myself, I get to bring some back to KL and share it with my friends! Not a bad idea isn't it?!


Little did I know, I was in a hurry while packing my things ready to go back to KL (the usual me doing last minute packing) and I only realize that I left the cake at home only when I got up the bus.

Sad case. Really sad because I love the cake! It’s so yummy!!! T_______T

*I’m not trying to say I bake good cake (I do, trust me) but I am also sad because I really really love the cake!


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Weekend home

Is totally fun!~

I get to roll on my queen sized bed.

I get to eat my favourite Wan Tan Mee. (not eating wan tan mee is like you’ve never returned to Melaka)

I get to use the air-cond during day time. (let’s face it, the weather's so bad these days)

I get to bake (yes, I’ve made carrot cake hoping to bring back to KL for my friends which I ended up forgetting to take it back)

I get to eat the cake I bake (which is always ohh-so-yummy)

Daddy bought me durian. (which I’ve like so much and not eaten since centuries ago)

I’ve got the super doper ridiculously thick curtain to block off sun light so that I can wake up late late.

I have a room to myself so I can walk totally naked inside.

home is always the best!~


only if I still have a maid, then I’ll be spared from doing the house works. *imagines*

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Saisaki gathering

well, it’s BT’s first crazy outing in such a big group and how can I miss it?

plus, it’s all about food too!~

IMG_5814 the food


IMG_5859 and the company

IMG_5867 how can we say no?

IMG_5828 what a day!~

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

When I Look at You

my favourite song currently which is also the newest song I have in “songs to save my life” playlist.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

reuniting the past

Well, this is a super delayed post happened during the CNY break while I was back in Melaka.

Thanks to Ronald and Jacob for planning the outing for us, we the form 5 gang had dinner together at a stone grilled restaurant at the new JJ in Melaka.




and it was great having to meet up with old friends! Did some catch up and I believe more of us had a great time together that night!~

Friday, March 5, 2010

the blue and the green


the banana leaves


IMG_5613 the navi clan!~


blue rocks!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

an insane night

A night I’d definitely wouldn’t forget. The night I got all wet and had hell load of fun with my family~

26022010112_resize  yea, that was me being splashed from the back.

and hmmm.. we are the water gang?? LOL


It was a small makan gathering turned havoc when one my my cousin started shooting us with a water gun. and the whole thing started when I took a pail of water and just pour on her… so you can guess how the catastrophe begins.

and that is like asking for war!~ WOOTS!

26022010116_resize and how can I say no to FUN?!


at the end of the day, I realized I did not bring extra pants… O_____O

Mental note: make sure I bring a whole set of clothes for change when I go for a party, you’ll never know what’s in stored.

Monday, March 1, 2010

I’m no angel, neither were you.

We tend to follow everything by the books, but how often do we tell ourselves to do what we want. People define us with our actions, not knowing the reasons behind it. We are often judged and criticized by passer bys about what we should and shouldn’t do. Does it really matter to you? How well do you know me well enough to judge me, let alone US.

Don’t get me wrong though, I too judge people, I admit it. which is also why I know that sometimes we get too carried away that we forgot to judge ourselves. There’s nothing more for me to say but I just wanted to make myself clear. You would’ve done the same thing if you were in my shoes.

Based on what you guys just did saying how bad we are and excluding yourselves from the group. Well, it just showed us how you are behaving as well.

And one more thing I’ve got to tell you. I’m no angel, and neither were you.