Tuesday, June 30, 2009


I wanna Fourier Transform my brain!!!~


wanna finish my report asap since I am going back this weekend…

Monday, June 29, 2009

fooling myself

years has passed since I last compiled my memories into this blog.

and I must say, much has changed…

changed indeed.


some of us are not as close anymore,

and of course, some bonds grew…


it’s nice to know that someone is beside you,

backing you up,

and caring for you.

or maybe that’s what all we need.

perhaps it is what I needed.


should I happy with what I have now?

for what I have, I am happy…

for what I don’t, I wish I could do better…


perhaps all the while,

I’m only fooling myself…



p/s: perhaps it’s time for compile my part 2 of my memories post?

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Matty is coming back!~


Mathias is coming back!~

wee~ from da STATES yo!

can’t wait to see him doz!


so nice of him to send me gifts!~


*wonders what I’ll have this time when he come back*

but I’ll definitely get my Kate Voegele albums for sure!~


Thursday, June 25, 2009

my famous display pictures

since I don’t know what to write about, I wanna show you some of my favourite display pictures on MSN~

IMG_2072 this is my all time favourite!~ taken at NN standout with tiger beer event~



IMG_2369 this one’s okok to me~ but it’ll do just fine~


and the latest entryIMG_2410 looks damn professional can!

Kitson says it is as if I am peeping someone =.=||||



so, ye, that’s about all~

*inspiration come to me please*

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


this post should have been up a long time ago…

but then again, I procrastinated…


IMG_2375 red wine~



best paired with~

IMG_2381 cracker and cheese~


IMG_2392 some self mixed drinks~


IMG_2403 and a bunch of friends~




definitely a night to remember~

Monday, June 22, 2009

being heard!

Do you consider indie bands who sign on to major record labels a sell-out to their beliefs and music?

look what I have to say!~

please support!~

thanks peeps!~

Sunday, June 21, 2009

part time?

Greg is planning to work as a part time photographer…


what you all think?

let’s list out the pro and cons



- I get to learn new stuffs

- I get to do what I have interest in (photography)

- I get paid (extra income)



- might neglect studies

- might have a busier life…



so, what’s your 2 cents?

advise needed…

Saturday, June 20, 2009

oh dear…

I told myself to resist the temptation to go out today…

but since Jeff came all the way from Kampar and ask me out…

and look what I am going to do later…



and my Instrumental Analysis report is dangling halfway in the air…



oh dear…

Thursday, June 18, 2009

a pointless hope

the hope diamond

I was waiting

But you weren’t there…


The words you told,

That were never cared…


Hopes you gave,

That I do not doubt…


Ready and available,

If that’s what you’ve said.

Then where were you,

When my heart aches bad.


I don’t deserve,

To be treated as such.

But it’s what is happening,

I should let it stop.


It tears my heart,

And ripped me apart.

As, I’m here,

Waiting for a hope.


A hope,

That never come.



written in despair on 18th June 2009, time 0440 at home.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

transforming cell~

we transform some cells yesterday and streak it in the Petri dish~

and we are supposed to observe them today~

IMG_2303 our dearest bacteria~

how well did you all transform under the heat shock?



IMG_2314 counting the colonies~

it’s quite hard to do so since the light source is limited, which is why I a holding it so high up…

and the colonies are so small… >.<




IMG_2348 Melinda and I while waiting for our next lecture~



Greg has not been really happy lately…

perhaps an outing tomorrow to clear my mind? T_____T

Monday, June 15, 2009

best dips ever!

my aunt came back from australia a while ago and bought us some Australian products~

cheese, dips, sausages, ham, bacon… you name it!~

and I particularly liked this one~

IMG_2245 *wonders if I can get this here…



IMG_2248 just loved it so much!~



anyone knows where I can get this in KL?

Sunday, June 14, 2009


at last!!~

after 3 month’s of craving I finally got to eat!~


mum and dad has been asking me to get myself instead of waiting for them~

but I don’t want to…

because I want them to buy for me instead…

yes, I am a super manja kid…




IMG_2295 mouth watering~


and breath taking!~


I love durian~~~~

btw, I am back in KL!~ WOO!

Saturday, June 13, 2009


IMG_2224 I live in a kingdom of cheese~


where I have cheese for breakfast lunch and dinner~


IMG_2227 ohh~ heavens nutella!~


IMG_2231 people, say hi to Camembert Cheese~


IMG_2228 paired with a cracker~


and the cheese melts in your mouth~

heavens drool~

if only I can have wine at home~



what cheese should I have today???

(there are still some leftovers of camembert tho~)

Friday, June 12, 2009


I am back in Melaka!

first thing I did = shopping with mum

last thing I did before day ends = shopping with dad and mum


I am officially being recognize as a shopaholic!


anyway, here’s some pictures I took during last night’s gathering with Mr. Chia and Ms. Leong

IMG_2180 Mike and I


IMG_2188 WeiChee, ChiauThong and I


IMG_2185 a part of the room~


IMG_2195 Chinese tea~


IMG_2210 iSieng and I


IMG_2201 some other part of the room~


yea, there was about +-25 person there!

we totally rocked the house!




finally got the jeans I wanted while shopping with mum today!~

*hops around in glee*

till then! CYA!

Thursday, June 11, 2009



yea, consider me a caramel freak…




indeed I am…

considering I only order Caramel Macchiato or Caramel Frapp.

with Extra Caramel…



quote from Melinda when she saw what I ordered “so Greg” and or “you caramel freak”


and I’d just smile

indeed, that’s so me…




Having a gathering tonight~ CYA!

at starbucks

it’s Thursday again…

also starbucks day with Mel again…



and another Jiwang day for me…

121814  don’t ask…


122055 Mel and I



I just so hate the blues…

what’s wrong with me?

too free?

saw this picture in Mathias’s facebook profile…

under the album entitled “please don’t kill me, I am already suffering from nonstop laughter”


image thanks Mathias~



for this pic (out of boredom)

and also my Kate Voegele album~ *MUAKS*

CYA when you are back from the States Matty!!!~

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

absolute anyone?!

DSC05393 Absolute Ethanol


found this in my chemistry lab the other day while analyzing some chemical on the UV-Vis spectrometer.




also found this

DSC05397 looks like our lab can also be a kitchen…

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

meet up with Mr. Chia

as mentioned before,

we will be meeting up with Mr. Chia since he’s back from Singapore.


date : 11th June 2009 (Thursday)

time : 6:30PM (sharp!)

venue : House Cafe (opposite “zhong yi tang” a.k.a chinese medicine shop)


Kindly RSVP at the facebook application on the even I created here!

thanks!~ ^^

smiling rainbow

smiling rainbow

If rainbows are so cheerful, why are they always frowning?




they’re hard to come by.

Like true love,

we cherished them.



The 7 spectrum,

expressing itself.

Like the emotion,

we experienced.


The pot of gold,

at the other end.

Like our reward,

After a hard labor.



All you need,

is a little patience,

luck, and a smile.

To see it smiling back at you.



written for a friend on 9th June 2009, time 1750 at home.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Uncle Duck

think straight ok,

it’s a restaurant in Times Square~


we walked from Pavilion to Times Square~

and when it’s dinner time, we decided to try dining in this restaurant~


IMG_2042 chatted while waiting for our food to be served~


ChiauThong and I had steamboat~

IMG_2044 ChiauThong’s pork steamboat~


IMG_2048 and I took beef~


the steamboat is quite good actually~

the soup is like super nice in the end~ ^^


IMG_2046 Jynn ordered duck rice, which he finds not worth it…

while WeiChee ordered duck porridge… (no image available)



overall it’s a good place to dine in if you ask me~

they serve decent food and the service is not bad (or maybe there are suite little people when we visited)


till then!~ CYA!


image  take a look at yourself in the mirror,

who do you see looking back?


is it the person you want to be?


or was there someone else you meant to be?


or the person you should have been?


if someone is telling you “you can’t” or “you won’t”

because you know you could do so much better


believe that love is out there…


believe that dreams come true everyday,

because they do…


sometimes, happiness doesn’t come from money or fame or power…

sometimes, happiness comes from good friends and family…

and from the quiet mobility of living a good life…


believe that dreams come true everyday,

because they do…



so, take a look into that mirror and remind yourself to be happy.

because you deserve to be.

believe that…

because dreams do come true, everyday…



I am trying to do that.

are you?



adapted from One Tree Hill S06E25 and edited.

Sunday, June 7, 2009


Imagine this.


you are out wit a bunch of friends at a party.

and you saw some one you know (or at least you do).

you walk up to her.


and says : “hi Cindy!”

she says : “err, I am not Cindy…”


you your reaction was ohh, you’re not?

but gave a nod and walked away with a damn shy look (tomato face).

(but you were pretty sure you know her)



after the event, everyone blogged about the event.

and then you noticed.

when they put the picture.

image with the caption, “Kenny, Rin and I”


then you noticed!

She’s Ringo!!!



*slams head on table*

because the “you”, is me…



*picture credits to Jessip0m*

Standout with Nuffnang and Tiger beer

as you all know~

I was invited~

and of coz I went!


IMG_2054 we hitch a ride on Jackie’s car~

took this picture while waiting for Hitomi at the petrol station~


and off we went~

IMG_2070 to hQnine at TTDI Plaza~


IMG_2065 met up with ev~


IMG_2072 chilling out with a bottle of tiger~


IMG_2075 well, what are bloggers without camwhore?


IMG_2078 chatted with Tian Chad~

(my biotech senior in UTAR who’s graduated)


IMG_2088 and Jojo Struys!~ but she ran off before I have the chance to grab a picture with her… >.<


IMG_2090 and it’s dinner time~ *eats off*


IMG_2096 with Diese~ long time no see indeed!~ ^^


IMG_2097 Jessip0m and I~


IMG_2098and my first time meeting Chris Thoo~

(Joshua, Jackie, me, Chris, Dusty)


IMG_2100 ok, I tried stretching myself taller, but I still failed >.<

Zhao is still taller… (like WAYYY taller)


IMG_2107Tian Chad Vs. Kennysia

(of coz Kenny won la! he so big!)


we also had a game of auction,

IMG_2118  and WenPink paid 360 nuffnang dollars for a toilet bowl brush >.<

(we are suppose to do whatever we can to get the nuffnang dollars from those who have them)


IMG_2134look at the crowd and you’ll believe me when I say blogger’s the “IT” thing right now!


IMG_2140me posing~


IMG_2145me, WenPink and Ken


IMG_2147~Josh and I~ 


IMG_2148from left : Max, Jackie, KwongFei, me, and Diese~


groupiclast picture at hQnine before we leave for SS2 Murni~ (credits to jess)



well, it took us quite a while to get settled down and go~ but guess what.


IMG_2161 more than 50 bloggers turned out!

we totally bring down Sri Murni!

EwinEecomNuffnangMurniYUMCHA last pic of the day before we leave~ (credits to ewin)


owh, we have goodie bags too~ ^^

a bottle of tiger beer, poker face card, badge, nuffnang money and a t-shirt~

IMG_2170 and the 3 new limited edition designs of bottle from tiger~

it was alot of fun being there!~

really missed my blogger pals!~


maybe another outing someday?

remember to contact me yea!


till then!~