Thursday, December 31, 2009

the carnival

IMG_4586 took this picture when I went back to Melaka for Christmas.

I find it rather interesting to look at. What do you think?

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas in Malaysia is like

IMG_4634 having Christmas in the summer~


IMG_4639 even the snowman wanted to cry because he’s melting so fast.


page1 Christmas eve dinner with the family~


page 2 and a quiet night in with some chocolates and wine~


nothing much on Christmas day,

IMG_4653 but I got a pair of converse thanks to the parents!~ *wide grins*


Went shopping and watched a movie on Boxing day with the cousins~

IMG_4721 Avatar is GREAT!~


if you’d like to know more about self obsession,page 3

page 4 this 2 picture can explain alot. XD


ohh, last but not least!

IMG_4685 a family portrait!~ (at granny’s)


Merry Christmas to you all!~

Thursday, December 24, 2009

iSieng’s birthday at Italianese

we decided to go out together for a meal since it’s the Winter Solstice festival which we have some glutinous rice ball. Since it’s a get together festival, we went for a good dinner together and since Italianese is have the RM27.90 2 course promotion, we decided to head there for dinner at 1U (because I am attending the première screening there later.


The food’s great, I akinda love the feeling of dining there, passing the food around the table, talking and crapping. It akinda gives the sense of unity.

Since iSieng’s birthday is arriving, we had a surprise for her~ and there’s no better place to surprise her than to do it in the restaurant itself!~

first: to stand on the chair, and sing a Birthday song for her~


IMG_4489 Then, she has to blow the candle using a straw say about 1.5M away from her~


until her face turned red…


Happy Birthday in advance iSieng!~ ^^

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Xmas at Port Dickson

Knowing that everyone will have their own plans on the Christmas weekend, we have our group Christmas celebration a week earlier. Since it’s our last Christmas together, we wanted it to be special and out of what we do, in other words ordinary. Hence, the plan to go to Port Dickson ((PD) is made!~


We started to prepare the the night’s barbeque about 3pm~

IMG_4304 the girls in the kitchen~


IMG_4305 while the guys take picture of themselves~ XD


IMG_4324 once it’s done,


IMG_4328 we eat!~ (after setting the fire of coz) *we forgot the bring the charcoal we bought, so we have to go and buy again…


IMG_4337 iSieng’s recipe of chocobanana! SO NICE CAN DIE!!!~


IMG_4335 and the lovely chicken wings~


well, what is Christmas without presents eh?



we played some games after the presents are kept and off to bed we went. We had to leave rather early the net morning because some of us have to go back to the lab to continue with our project, and as for me, I’ve had another 3 hours of sleep and decided not to go to the lab that day~ *wide grins*


Speaking of Christmas, I can foresee that I’ll be having a good time with my family!~ ^^ and off to Melaka I go!~

Monday, December 21, 2009

PTC night out

It has been 2 months since I’ve started my project in the Plant Tissue Culture (PTC) lab. and this is the first time we actually have this mass outing together.

This outing is done mainly because all our seniors are moving to Kampar in a few more days. Thus, this can also be counted as one of those farewell parties?

We decided to have dinner together at Shogun, 1U. Despite the heavy rain and traffic condition, we all made it there after our lab work safely and started to feast!~

IMG_4252 It’s always compulsory to take a group picture before leaving a memorable outing.

Friday, December 18, 2009

let it snow

I went to Pavilion the other day with Richard and Joanne~ and guess what?


DSC_7564[3] it’s the first time ever in my life looking at snow!!! (damn sua gu I know…)


DSC_7505[3] then we went around Pavilion taking pictures~ above is the reflective surface of a mistletoe!~


It’ll be snowing in Pavilion everyday at 8pm until the 26th Dec. don’t miss it!!~


owh, the artificial snow is actually made of foam. so…..(you know) *winks*

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

so cute can die!!!


I know right…. XD

even I can’t resist shouting “SO CUTE” when Mike show me this photo!~ XD

Monday, December 14, 2009

Dear John – Nicholas Sparks

dear john

If you know me, I don’t usually read. This book has somehow attracted my attention enough for me to went searching for it high and low after a friend recommended me this book.

If you ask me, this book is seriously a heartbreaker. How can a relationship that started so perfectly ended like that. Then again, it’s the right thing to be done. I suppose…

The ending of this book really moved my heart too!~

I watched her drink in the sight of the brightly lit moon, sensing the flood of memories she's unleashed and wanting nothing more than to let her know that I'm here.But instead, I stay where I am and stare up at the moon as well. And for the briefest instant, it almost feels that we are together again. -Nicholas Sparks-

A splendid ending to a wonderful book which would stay with me for a long time.


I think I will continue reading Nicholas Spark’s books. I truly love how he writes and tell a story. “A walk to remember” and “the Notebook” which should I read first?


Anyway, the movie for “Dear John” has been made and scheduled to be out in the first quarter of the year of 2010. Here’s the Trailer for the movie and you can view it from the website here!

Friday, December 11, 2009


as promised~

here are the sandwiches I’ve made~

IMG_4015 tofu sandwich and hotdog sandwich (Mike, you’ll like the tofu one!)


IMG_4020 egg sandwich and ham sandwich~


Bon Appétit!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Hannah Tan’s charity concert!


Hannah Tan and friends are set to make a difference for underprivileged children this Christmas! She is putting together a charity concert with the likes of Harith Iskander, Hans Isaac, Pietro Felix, Daphne Iking, Jojo Struys, Reefa, Sasi The Don, Meet Uncle Hussein, Reymee, Sam of Innuendo, Caprice, The Fabulous Cats, Dennis Lau, Atilia, Liang and the list goes on!!!


Remember! The charity concert is free but do not come empty handed, you would need to contribute whatever gifts/presents you can afford in exchange for the concert tickets. No matter colour pencils, soft toys, books or anything suitable for children aged 5 – 16). All of it will then be distributed to orphanages and underprivileged children for Christmas.

We need to do our part in helping the less fortunate, whatever their situation may be…


Would you want to come for Hannah Tan Christmas charity concert @ The Gardens on the 20th December 2009?

Cheers and see you during the concert!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


I must say that I’ve always wanted to play the violin since I was young, looking at how Vanessa May make wonderful melody with the instrument. Then came Bond.

but what triggered me to actually wanting to take up violin lessons so much is because of this song.



The melody simply attracts me to play the violin even more.

It’s the main title theme for a drama called “Everwood”


I am actually feeling guilty though, My violin have been left at a corner for ages, untouched. Guess it’s time for me to take up and practice it.

I’ve downloaded the score for this piece of music~ Let’s hope I am able to play it. ^^

Monday, December 7, 2009

the day I spend like no body’s business

Yes, the big spender (me) *no pun intended* strikes again! This time at KLCC.

I believe everyone knows that there’s PC fair in KLCC. Since my mouse is broken and Richard saw a brochure of a wireless desktop (mouse and keyboard) selling at an affordable price of RM60, I decided to go for it. Because it’s limited, so I have to be there at 11am which is not early if you ask a person who never fails to wake up before 8am everyday.

IMG_4005 and so I got myself an A4TECH wireless desktop at RM60.

IMG_4008 I actually wanted a nano-receiver, but for the price, a micro-receiver might as well do. (price comes first)


After the fair, I went to get some groceries at Isetan before I leave for home.

IMG_4003 I’m one step closer to my healthy diet!

got myself muesli for breakfast, to go with fresh grapes and soy milk.

some ham, cheese, lettuce, and tomato to fix sandwich for my dinner.


IMG_4012 bacon sausage!~ who can resist this sweet thing!? (no pun intended as well)

but seriously, I only got one of this *sworn*

IMG_3999 and not to forget, my favourite meal whenever I got out shopping, Subway!~

I don’t leave the mall without a subway in my tummy! that’s for my breakfast and lunch mind you. (speaking of which, I’ll show you my home made subs in the next post)


Anyways, it’s been a while since I have blogger’s outing due to some reasons but I’m going to break this “fast” on Wednesday!~ Storm Warriors premiere screening, HERE I COME!!!~

Sunday, December 6, 2009

snack attack


the best cheese clavoured snack in the universe!

found it in the Lotte Mart in 1U last week!~

too bad the don’t have the “dangerously cheesy” flavour! Thus, I opt for BBQ instead.


If there’s one place you wanna go to shop for sweets, where would you go?

IMG_3992 I’d go to Candy Empire! and too bad they don’t have this shop in Malaysia… =(


IMG_3993 and I bet you can’t find this here too!~

It’s rocky road!!!~ one bite and you’ll definitely fall in love with it!~

I had my first taste of rocky road ages back when my mum came back from Australia with dozens and dozens of rocky road!~ too bad they weren’t all for me… =(

now, Singapore is the nearest place for me to get Rocky Road.

*wonders if Peak Mun remembers my request for a rocky road*

Friday, December 4, 2009

death haus of gaga! Bad Romance

All Hail Lady Gaga for making an unforgettable MV again!~

Love the moves and the song!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

putting on a new shoe

IMG_3991 Thanks Jacky for the adorable keychain all the way from Australia!~ ^^

Love the shoe!~ ^^

anyway, it’s time for me to change my keychain too, the old one is wearing off…

Saturday, November 28, 2009



命運根本喜愛弄人 賤貴沒遺漏 最痛愛的一切鮮有永久
莫逆之交恩怨情仇 大多到白頭 人越是不想去放手偏要放手

* 有難時我是朋友 割蓆時與我分左右
轉過頭 分開走 大肆蹂躪然後要我將攤子收
從前相生怎會到日後 淪落變相克的對手
就為了酒色私利慾和求 回贈我開封的匕首
愛得深厚 卻不足夠 我認識你確未透




相生怎會到日後 淪落變相克的對手
就為了一己私利便幪頭 忘掉我當天跟你手
我不足夠 愛得不夠 怠慢將你挽救
難道天公要我目睹你別望後 遺憾至死分憂

Thursday, November 26, 2009



do you see her turning clockwise or anti-clockwise? do let me know!~ ^^

Friday, November 20, 2009

biomalaysia + outing

there’s a biotech exhibition last few days, and we (Ren Quyan, Hee Boon, and Joanne) managed to go there yesterday!~

Since RQ is busy with his project, Joanne and I went to KLCC first. Not knowing what to do, I thought of having a cuppa!~ and this is when the RM10 Coffee Bean’s coupon mummy gave me come in handy!

IMG_3820 had their chocolate peppermint ice-blended!~ ^^ (playing with my phone, was chatting with Peak Mun on MSN! Love my phone! + love places with free wi-fi)

We went straight to the exhibition right after RQ and HB arrived!~ and moments later, we are out to our “actual agenda” of going to KLCC!~ ^^

IMG_3833 RQ and HB~ having 1901 hotdogs!~ (only RM3 for each hotdog since yesterday’s the 19th of the month!~ ^^)

After the movie ticket is purchased, we went to Manhattan fish market for dinner~

IMG_3843 huge platter!~ O_____O

seriously, hotdogs and then this one…

IMG_3850 even RQ give up


IMG_3849 before we started feasting~


Being good kids as usual, we went home right after the movie!~ ^^

what a nice day!~


there’s a masters and PHD fair next Wednesday and I plan to go~ anyone?

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

cone pizza


a place you should visit!~

they do indeed serve not-bad-cone-pizza!~ ^^

had a great time there with Ronald da bestie, Oscar, and Aaron!~ the high school gang meet up!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

a must watch!

taken from Saturday night live…

laugh die me…

my 200,000 medal!

200,000 medal!


I believe my eye’s gonna pop out anytime soon… O________O