Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Self-Invited

It has definitely been a while since Sieng left for her home town and we’ve lost touch for a lil bit. Little did we know, she has gracefully invited herself to the Peninsular to a short visit and well, she definitely managed to surprise me! =D

the Karaoke session at Sunway Pyamid after "”yuen” steamboat was hell of a blast and most of us Lost our voices for a day or two since we Sang until about 3am before we decided to part.

Friday and Saturday was definitely an eventful one since the parents came all the way from Melaka (Yes, Again) for another party!~ =D Yes, it’s very fun when you have a Family who appreciates gatherings! =)

Let’s how I won’t doze off at work tmr… =)

Another good news for me today~ The house’s internet is finally Back! Up and Running!~ *loveX10*