Saturday, July 24, 2010

work works!

I’ve been working for 3 weeks already and I think I’m doing not baaad… not baadd at all!

Well, working five days from 9am to 6pm isn’t exactly exiting nor interesting, really… what can one actually do with the time left when you’re all worn out and tired after a long day cracking your brain to satisfy your clients and trouble shooting for other people?

As stated, working as a management trainee basically means I’ll have to do almost everything and learn as much I can as possible and I’d say, I’m really trying hard to learn because what I’m doing now has totally nothing to do with what I’ve been studying all these years! *facepalm*

Besides all those, I have to learn so many things that I’m starting to think that my job requires some accounting skills, computer hardware skills, multitasking skills, communication skills, analytical skills and alot alot alot of computer and database management skills. *faints*

Life hasn’t been bad to me since I’ve started working, as the job is not bad and I can usually have 15 min more lunch breaks. *shh* I’ve managed to pay my convocation bill on friday and yeesshh!!! I’m graduating soon!!! (officially I mean) =D

Anyways! my first payday is coming soon! can wait, really! *hops around in joy* but almost half of them would be gone to the convocation bill and a new suit for convocation! luckily I only need less than RM100 for patrol a month since I’m working so near the place I’m living! =D that’s a plus ain’t it?

alas! I think I’d better stop here… till we meet again bloggie!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

I iz working!

I’ve started working on Thursday last week, and gosh… Loads to learn if you ask me…my brain’s usually too saturated after working hours due to the excessive load of information that I have to remember… but hey! That’s what starting a fresh new job is all about ehh?!

luckily for me, I still have the weekends off!

I'’ve managed to went to watch “Knight and days” at tropicana city mall on Saturday and did some shopping to stock up some junks for leisure time out. Some cereals and oats for my breakfast since I’m so malas to go out for a breakie…

Anywayz… lets keep my fingers crossed and hope that I’ll be able to learn as much as possible! ^^ I’m optimistic! =D