Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Delicious with cousin!

I went for my interview at Novozomes at technology park today!!!


outside the building~

inside is a very nice sight as well~



inside was their office surrounding a mini garden!! very nice!!!


the interviewer started asking me questions like:

~ what are your interest?

~ what are your expectations towards working here in our company?

~ tell me about your back ground.

~ tell me a little about what are you studying.


well I think I managed to answer all the questions without fail @__@


then they told me that:

~ they don't do research here, they have a small lab dealing with pure enzymes and to make the into powder or liquid form so that it's sellable.

~ they focus mainly on textiles enzyme.

~ mostly marketing, as in the sell, not research.


most importantly, they will call me back asap.




after the interview, I called my cousin...

cause we planned to go out together after my interview is done~

and so we did~


he took me to Bangsar Village~

and we went to Delicious for lunch!



I ordered smoked salmon quiche~



it was yum yum!!!

special~ it's like a pie the size larger than a cake~

egg and salmon in it~ HEAVEN!!~



the Classic Beef Lasagna!~



the carbonara spaghetti~


then, we had desert!!~~

well if you went to delicious and you did not take desert, it's like going to the north pole and never tasted snow!~ @__@

the deserts are MAMAMIA!!!~



carrot cake~

(damn ginourmous I tell you!!)



chocolate brownies with ice-creme~

the ice-creme are cold, the chocolate sauce is hot~




blueberry apple crumble with ice-creme~


and it's alot I tell you, ALOT!!!


after that we went to Pavilion for jalan jalan~

and now I am back home blogging about my day before it even ends @__@





thank bro for the treat!~



p/s: hope I can get conformation from Novozymes ASAP, so I can start planning~

Thursday, September 25, 2008



how do I live my interesting life in Melaka?

i dunno..

dun ask...


but today I decided to bake!!!~


to satisfy my appetite and also to make time go faster >.< like duh!~



my mum said she had some pie readily done in the freezer, and all i need to do is to bake it in the oven!!~





cut it~




then take it out and spread it with egg yolk!~


and bake again~

and taadaa~~~






and we put it nicely on the plate~~



i-pie by i-bake~

damn I am starting to sound like apple @__@



this is just a random post... >.<


almost drive myself into the drain today...

too sleepy >.<

but i woke up on time to turn the steering wheel back to the road >.<

Sunday, September 21, 2008

day 2 after exam!!!

wow, it's day 2!!!

wish I could stay asleep al  little later to cure my brain from the fatigue I have been going through during my exam period...

but still I wake up at 8?!?! WTF...


well, looking at my room and my table (konon)...

they are in a big mess!!!!

damn I should clean it up!!!

and to much of my surprise, I did clean up abit, just abit...

coz I have this thing to separate my task into a few "sessions",

plus, I have plans later...

to pavillion (yes, AGAIN)

this makes me familiar with almost every inch off that mall already! >.<

I should get a grip of myself... @_@


anyway, upon arrival...

we went to get our movie tickets...

today we watch "black water"...


ok people get ready for my minute ranting:

this movie is a SUCKER movie...

and they said it's the scariest movie ever...

scary MY FOOT!!!

it's a movie not worth investing AT ALL!!!

the director sucks,

the actor sucks,

the crocodile sucks too!!!

that's why I am not even putting the poster here...



let's move on...


the we went for lunch at Carl's Jr.!



my chili cheeseburger and RQ's chicken bacon??? (can't remember the name coz it's damn long!)



yum~~~ *drolls*


well, we were chatting while waiting for our food to arrive...

but as typical blogger, the cameras appear only after the food arrive...

to take pictures of the food la of coz...





the of all times we choose to cam whore,

it's after the food arrive...

and mind you, we are all damn hungry that time and we actually to make time to cam whore... (with our burgers of coz...)



gogo and ahyi!!~~


DSC05210 Jeff eating away~



me and my chili cheeseburger~



Jynn, me and gogo~



Jeff and ahyi joins the fun!~


I was really at my peak over there (in Carl's Jr.)

I actually felt happy for that moment and was somehow grateful!

I have such interesting friend who can all moo like a mad cow!!!

I miss them so much..

despite staying together, I haven't been talking to them as often as usually as compared to my days during the foundation...

but today makes me felt like we are in the foundation year again!!!

we were like what I'd say "mad cows" on the lose!!!


thank you guy!!! made my day!!!

I can never forget the G-string T-back topic arise from where to out zipper on underwear so we can take off underwear like how woman take off their bras without taking off their baju... >.<


we were laughing like mad!!!

esp Jeff...

haven't seen him laughing like that!!!


it's was fun!!!


and while watching movie, my friend Charlene called...

she remembered that she still owe me a meal for my birthday!!!


so, it'll be on Monday when I get to go out with her to "claim" my birthday meal from her!!!



till then adios!!




p/s: clean room tomorrow and waiting for arrival of Oscar to come to my place... he miss "mian dui mian" lolz!!!!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

the end of exam!!

well, everyone have plans after exam,

and of course, I won't miss out cooking out some plans of my own...

I wont to pavillion right after the test is over to chill!!!~

DAMN pavillion is like my hang out spot now!


well, upon arrival,

I wen to buy movie tickets la of course....



the other Boleyn girl~

time: 5:05pm

venue: hall 8


I was DAMN hungry that time...

and being the usual cheapskate I am being lately due to holes in my pocket...

I went looking high and low in Pavillion to scout for  the cheap filling food...

or also known as food with decent pricing... >.<


at last, I stumble upon ZEN by Secret Recipe!!!


because it was a banner saying a RM10 set meal!!!




honestly, I am a sucker for cheap affordable food >.<

it's a main plus a drink, more than enough for me~


I swear to myself to order only the set meal!!!



I saw something on the menu that I simply couldn't resist!!!




well well...

due to certain reasons, my mood wasn't that good that time,

so I was timing the waiter for everything he dose...

from giving me the menu (it took them 4 minutes to send me the menu)

till giving me the bills (less than 1 minute)

DAMN!! it is so realistic?!

fast only when it comes to money?!

ok... who's not...


den den...

back to the food...

the service was satisfactory...

but the food's good as usual...


I had the all season grilled chicken served with rice!~



best part of this is that it has no bones!!! XD

and it tender!!!


had iced lemon tea for drinks,






I LURVE apple crumble!!

after my visit to the apartment, I cannot not love apple crumble!


then is only 1:30pm!!!

damn how am I supposed to goyang in pavillion till 5:05?!

I walked for another round and look at my watch...

ONLY 2pm!!!!


I cannot

I cannot!!!

*walks to the cinema and buy another movie ticket*



the stunts are ok~

the story's ok...

so, I rate it an ok movie...


then out I came from the cinema

for my 30 minutes break and walk to the lover ground to look for food!!!


there, I passed by Dragon-I

AHH!!! xiao long pau!!!!


but takakan I masuk there alone and order only 1 xiao long pau?


so I sit outside Dragon-I and eat...



Tau Fu Fa!!~~

*slam head*

I know I am SHEAPSKATE! (stop laughing)


then breaks over, and to the cinema I go!!~~

the other Boleyn girl was great!!!!!

one of the nicest movie!!!

I like!!!


go watch it!!!


after than, I need to wait got AHYI and gang to come out from their movie..

so, I went starbucks waiting for them...

I ordered my usual, caramel machiato, extra caramel, extra foam~



they are out!!!

and we went for dinner at Food Republic!~


we all had dishes from Little Taiwan~



mine~ :p


then we all go back home and get our rest, and we are going out today, again!~


till then, chill!~




p/s: my room and table seriously NEEDS CLEANING!!! i think so i'll be free tmr to clean it...

coz, now is enjoy time!~~~ :p

Monday, September 15, 2008

Nuffnang sharing session at The Apartment


guess what people,

I am invited to join the nuffnang sharing session at The Apartment Downtown at KLCC!!!


Jac and I arrived a little bit earlier and we went for jalan-jalan abit untill it's about time which we walked towards The Apartment~


took this pic. before entering the apartment~



this is the place!!~~


we were supposed to confirm our attendance by signing a name list that Robb printed out, while waiting, I look around the place enjoying the design WHEN SUDDENTLY I heard screams!!! very pitchy screams believe me... and guessed what?



Suthesh was there!!! haha!!! what a coincidence!!~

well obviously, the very-pitchy-screams come from 2 of them~ (like duh~)


then we choose a place to first sit down and chat a little~ together with our drinks~


very interesting drinks, believe me~


the it's mixing time,

I went to chat with a few bloggers, getting to know more about their blogs and some small easy chats~ it was kinda fun~


DSC08394 sorry Suthesh, leached your photo~


the it's dinner time where what we do is,




the food was good!!!

just that there are I think too few choices for a buffet...


but let me tell you, the apple crumbles was the best!!!!



saw the plate the is filled up with sand?

yea, that is the apple crumble >.<


the makan session was good~

we enjoyed ourselves~~



Jac and I~ taken by Suthesh~


then we moves upstairs for our sharing session~

the place upstairs I tell us is damn nice!!! it's a very nice place to hang out and chill~~



this is where we are sitting~~

den we started talking and introduce ourselves~


what bloggers do besides blogging?






with Sultan Muzzafar (I hope I spell the name correctly) the guest blogger of the night~



with kak red a.k.a red mummy (guest blogger of the night as well)



with some new friends~ (sorry, forgotten the names >.<)


DSCF2515 with the vocalist of the band performing there that night~



with Zach and Shaun~



3 of us with robb~

ohh one thing I forgot...

the conversation we had during dinner:

case 1:

As the waiter telling the list of the drinks they have here, a small confusion twisted poor my head.

Waiter: (in deep indian accent) we have strawberry cooler, peach cooler, raspberry cooler, tangerine cooler.....
I : err wat..? Tandoori cooler?
Suthesh and Jac: *laughs hyterically*

Seriously, chicken juice? Eww.

case 2:

when suthesh told Jac and I that Robb is gay and Zach is his boyfriend and Zuzu is their son (dog).

Me and Jac: REALLY?
Suthesh : Like duh. You think all his post is joke meh?
Suthesh : And Zac is his boyfriend.
Me : What...?
Suthesh : And Zuzu is their son.
Jac: No wonder la....
Me and Jac: *pauses a moment*
Me and Jac: No lar, I think he's not lar.
Suthesh : He is. -______-
Jac: He's not *shows mischiveous face*

Then when we went to take the deserts Suthesh pulled Robb and made us ask him (muahahahahaha he is evil ).

Suthesh : Clarified?
Jac:Yeah. Ok. *smiles again*
Me :*smiles*
Suthesh :Toldja. *smiles*
Me and Jac: *pauses a moment"
Me : So who is the........bottom?
Jac: I think could be *guess yourself here wtf*

Oh dear.


this conversation seems to last like forever!!!




overall the night was fun!

we get to have a glimpse of what a famous blogger will do and will have to face...

can see what kak red have to do everyday to keep those "lalat" away from her blog...

budden I had fun!!!

wish liang was there, it would be even better!!~

ohh and if I am correct, the 3 of us are laughing non stop like orang gila during dinner >.<





now I gotta go back to studies since i have alot alot more to cover!!!

wish me luck people!!!



till then~ chao!!!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

PICC fireworks trip~


yup~ the title and the picture says it all~

well, we arrived at Putra Jaya rather early, so we hang out at alamanda Putra Jaya first...

there, we had waffles from waffle stop~





then we continue to go to PICC~

upon arrival, we took our group picture~


Group Photo 1 - Printing 5R x 40


Group Photo 2 - Printing 4R x 40


then without wasting time, Piang and I start to explore around that place~





me posing in front of PICC~


without further ado, we then ran up the top most of the building we can get to...



piang and I at the top~


Richard and I~



err.. what you people call this? glass shooting??


after all the running around, we finally prepared ourselves to settle down and wait for the fireworks to start~

but before that, we have to find ourselves a nice spot...



lying on the grass awaiting for the grand event while viewing the dark sky, looking at the stars above~

a very nice sight indeed... missed it alot!



of coz, will be taking photos like crazy people...

this is the view of Putra Jaya~



from a different angle...


then the fireworks start at last!!!



me viewing the fireworks~


the fireworks are amazing!

for more pictures, please visit Richard a.k.a Micky's blog.



the view of PICC itself at night~

very nice I tell you~~~


overall it's a very good experience~

nice place to visit,

and also a nice place to crack your ass (if you sit on the grass)...

believe me when I tell you my ass almost broke into half that night!


we all arrived home around 1 something AM...

all drained out~


but who cares as long as it's fun!