Sunday, April 24, 2011

relaxing Sunday

after a whole week of mad rush, I really love my Sunday to be relaxing, lazy in a way, but relaxing. A day which I don’t have to think about work, a day which I don’t have to rush like a crazy person to meet a dateline. It’s good to have a break like this every once in a week. It probably helps bring down the blood pressure too… just saying.

After working for 10 months in KL, I’ve finally hit a car (with my car) which is due to the other driver’s carelessness, partly mine too perhaps.  But it’s ok since the person agreed to pay for the damages. I would consider this a small problem since my car just suffer from a minor damage and that I’m still in one piece. =) Fret not, everything’s under control.

Side track, Medix Indonesia’s sending a few people for training starting tomorrow, which means, I’m gonna be hell as busy as ever juggling my tasks and training the people from Indon. it’s a challenge that I believe I can take up. =) Things are akinda getting routinuous for me anywayz. This just came in time to spice up my work life a little.

Speaking of spicing up work life, there’s this particular guy who seems to be born to make my work life difficult. Hmmm… Wonders what I did to him in my past life??? but den again, life would be boring without them i suppose? XD

Aite, that’s all for now. =) Shall relax till the max before (what I foresee) 2 very eventful weeks starts tomorrow~