Friday, October 30, 2009

I and Love and You

yet another song I recommend.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Don’t Hold Your Breath


Don't hold your breath cause we're running in circles
Silence runs along phone lines
I feel like I am swimming through pavements
And then the dark throws me a lifeline

I'll be the sky that lights up with fireworks
Whenever November comes
And you could be the greatest thing that has happened to me
Though I don't know you now

Don't hold your breath
Cause we've already been here
There are trees to remember you by
These trees are cold but they're anticipating
The sun is gonna give the kiss of life

I'll be the sky that lights up with fireworks
Whenever November comes
And you could be the greatest thing that has happened to me
Though I don't know you now

I'm blowing breath on the windowpane
Sketching your name with my finger
I'm blowing breath on the windowpane
Sketching your face with my finger

I'll be the sky that lights up with fireworks
Whenever November comes
And you could be the greatest thing that has happened to me
Though I don't know you now

I'll be the sky that lights up with fireworks
Whenever November comes
And you could be the greatest thing that has happened to me
Though I don't know you now


another Great song from the Athletes entitled Don’t Hold Your Breath.

makes me feel that I am somehow not alone. hmm…

Saturday, October 24, 2009

pictures with the cats~

DSC06747 it’s a must when you go to Kuching, you take pictures with the cats…


DSC06748 cute cats~


DSC06751 RQ and I mimicking the cat behind us~


DSC06755 same or not???


DSC06737 another cat~


DSC06739 see my stim face? damn syok when the cat scratch my head~ ^^




after that, we went to the “Kuching tower” (forgot the actual name) which we can see the whole of Kuching.

DSC06760 a group picture~

Thursday, October 22, 2009

the cat museum

let’s head back to Sarawak~

and guess where I’ll be taking you all today?


IMG_3306 the cat museum!~


well, you can find almost everything that is related to cats here, Like seriously!

IMG_3321 Lions from the family of cats~


IMG_3330 Garfield~


IMG_3334 and a giant cat trying to eat us!~ *runs and hide*



last but not least, a group picture taken before we leave that place~ ^^

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I hate

yes, you’ve heard it correctly. I HATE!

I hate those selfish brats who stopped people’s autoclaving process halfway just so that they can get their things autoclaved!


which I believe is mainly why the entire batch of my cells are heavily contaminated by fungus and bacteria!


anyway, curse the asshole who’s doing all this cock stuffs…

this has been happening to a few of my friends already…

If I everr caught that person who’s doing this, I’ll F-kan the fella kao kao!

Genji – PJ Hilton

let’s take a break from my Sarawak outings, It was my kai jie’s birthday last Saturday and we celebrated it at Genji, PJ Hilton.

Let’s just say that Genji has somewhat changed my perception of a hotel’s Japanese buffet since my last visit to Kampachi @ Equatorial Melaka.

I must give credits to the ambience of this place as it is well decorated and the good lighting.


let’s walk around…








IMG_3411 after moments of waiting, we finally have our seats ready and we FEAST!~


there are quite a few varieties of Japanese food to choose from, like…

IMG_3433 sashimi!~


IMG_3435 yea, I have 2 rounds of sashimi and plenty of seaweed!~ (love the seaweed)


IMG_3437 unagi, baked salmon…


IMG_3441 Japanese steamboat (beef)

and loads more, you don’t see any pictures here mainly because I am too busy eating to continue taking pictures.


finally when everyone is fully stuffed with these good stuffs, we continue taking pictures~


IMG_3448 the desert section


IMG_3453 the kids busy playing games


IMG_3495 my kai jieS~ (indication that it’s plural) yes, all four. (which is also usually my drinking kaki)


IMG_3501 taken with my goddad and god mum with their spouses.


IMG_3508 my family~

IMG_3481 time to cut the cake!~ ^^


IMG_3482 the children can’t wait for put the cake into their mouth! XD


IMG_3488 Julie and Jeffrey~

well, that’s all from me today!~ Happy Birthday again jie jie!~

Sunday, October 18, 2009

cultural village, Sarawak

IMG_3233 A place with varieties of houses for different ethnic from Sarawak


DSC06733 also a place where the Rainforest World Music Festival is held.



DSC06695 this is one of the bridge, with only 2 bamboos used to build the walkway…


DSC06718 and all the houses have very unique stairs which is made of tree trunk, sawed with an “L” shape for every steps.


IMG_3285 there’s some musical instruments which is also made of carved wood giving different tone when hit by a stick.


overall, the visit was great!~ well, except for the blazing sun over our black shiny head.


ohh, did I mention.

IMG_3231 how come have to pay cukai pintu huh?

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Damai Puri Resort and Spa, Sarawak

later in the afternoon after the crocodile farm, we went to a place called Damai, north of Kuching.

we, as usual camwhored upon arrival.

IMG_3152 taken at the balcony of the lobby~

and I must say, it’s a nice place to take a vacation~


IMG_3161 with lao lao, taken also at the lobby of the hotel.


IMG_3163 yea, we took alot of pictures here~


IMG_3167 this is me being the big tree, providing shade… >.<


IMG_3175 finally iSieng arrived (we come in 2 seperate cars)


IMG_3178 and we continued camwhoring…


IMG_3181 while Bernard was checking in for us~

IMG_3185 got into our room and I was rather glad with it!~


IMG_3186 it’s a big big room!~ with a big bed!~


IMG_3189 later after that, we went for a dip in the pool~

yes, the baby pool, for the slides… I know~


We have seafood for dinner somewhere near and not-so-near that place~

and I must say it’s good~ ^^


the fun at Damai Puri continued to the night when we were playing heart attack (it’s a card game)

and well, let’s just say we have no more decent image in each other’s eyes already… =(

but it’s a night filled with joy, fun and laughter. Until

the security came knocking on our door asking us to keep our voices down.

well, that’s where most of the fun ends!~ joy killer…


andway, we camwhored again in the morning on the beach, and the resort area~



DSC06684 the out of the resort we go~


DSC06688 and have a visit to the cultural village~

Thursday, October 15, 2009

crocodile farm @ Sarawak~

well, right after the visit to the wild life centre, we went straight to the crocodile farm~

DSC06622 while resting after a long walk around the farm~


DSC06625 we were waiting for the feeding of the crocodile to get started, and wow, the crocs flew!~ *merely*


DSC06628taken slightly before leaving the farm~



till then!~ crocs!~