Tuesday, September 28, 2010

the missing slumber

Excitement fills the air 2 days before my aunt from Perth arrives to this overly humid country as we prepare the house to welcome our guest from down south. Party was being held to welcome the family at the same time bidding farewell for a god sister of mine.

The late night sleeps and the constant outings have drained all the energy left in me which is partly why most people sees me dozing off on the couch during the party. At the end of the day, I still think it's a great get together because it has been a while since we've last had a get together.

The plan on getting an iPhone4 continues as I'm saving up for the marvelous gadget (anytime soon now). I must admit, I'm rather exited to get the new device, fully funded by your's truly and having to pay my own bills. Now, don't say I have no commitment. I have to pay for insurance and my study loan still. Which is why I don't see myself investing on a property anytime soon.

Work's going quite well if you'd ask me. The boss acknowledge my productivity and says that it will be a waste if he just want me to do reports for the company. Hence, he'll be taking me out to meet clients for presentation and some other stuffs to further expose me to what the company is doing. =) *Glad*

Anyways, I really need to catch up on my sleep because I'm starting to have headache! It might be due to either the lack of sleep or me facing the computer for very long. =(

That's all the updates I've got and yes, I'm planning to go to Penang with the gang on the 8th!~ =D *can't wait*


Monday, September 13, 2010

The Dream

Not really feeling now, hence the 1.30am wake. Partly by my unwell tummy, also by a dream that waken me.

I don’t know what have I taken in that caused my tummy to bloat at an uncomfortable level and I can’t seem to find the medication to counter it. *I knew I had it somewhere* the felling of air flowing inside the tummy is definitely making me sick. (Damn I shouldn’t have taken wine on the flight). Guess all I can do is to go get some in the morning when the shop is opened. =(

Now, to the dream. It was I very happy dream I’d say. Very happy to the extent that I’d wished it was real. 2 friends bought me presents (I don’t know why or for what) which I’m really happy to receive (but made me feel so bad coz I didn’t have any for them from Manila).

Then I was suddenly somewhere else, and a very good old friend came up to me with a bottle of vodka in his hand, telling me that he’ll be going off to Indonesia (seriously, of all places why Indonesia?) and that we had to stay in touch. This is when everything starts to get emotional for me as he passed me a bottle of Absolute Vodka to me, teaching me to mix it with something and something with ratio and ask me to try drinking it and see if it’s ok. (I can swear to you, that it is SO him!). It is as if nothing happened between us or was it what I hoped for?

I woke up in tears (not because of my tummy) half hoping it’s true. But I guessed we can’t change what ahs happened ehh?

alas! it’s almost 2 now, I need to re-charge for work tomorrow. Let’s my tummy don’t give much trouble. =)