Wednesday, January 30, 2008

KLCC with Ron

it's wednesday!!
and it's movie day~
i have no class,
so out we went!
we watched Sweeny Todd at KLCC

a simple decor at KLCC which is not impressive at all

a pic. of ron and i B4 entering the cinema~

Saturday, January 26, 2008

a boring class...

it's friday!! and it as feeky as ever!!!
gone are my funky fridays!~

since i will be having class from 10 to 6 every friday,
it's no more a funky one...
and to make things worse, i have 3 hours straight of Pengajiam malaysia...

this week, we tried something diffrent,
taking pictures in the class...

look at those noobs!!!

well it turned out great!!
time passes so much in the stuffy, drowning room!!!

i will definately remember how pengajian malaysia torture us!!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

showing lives

Ever thought of being some other people?
Thought of how nice your life can be if you were someone?

I believe,
That everyday,
We are destined to do something with our lives…
That everyday,
We are being showed something…

We wake up everyday,
With an objective,
With a purpose,
And this drives us to do the goal we set for ourselves…

In the process,
We are being showed things that only we can understand,
By living what we are living,
And also;
Y being in the place we are now…

Wednesday, January 23, 2008



year 1 semester 2

it's been 3 weeks since sem started and nothing really happened...
just normal study days...

but at least i contribute to some economic growth...
well i spent alot lately,
since CNY is just a stone's throw away,
it's a good excuse i can have to go shopping~

since i have no class on wed.
it's a good time for me to allocate some time to study...
well look what i am doing now...

went to help out in the blood donation drive last week at campus...
and looking at the blood flowing out from the body into the back is like erm...
if u have a chance to look at the needle they poke into a cow,
i tell u, the one they used to suck your bood out in no diffrence from what they use on the cow.
trust me.

planning to join kenjitsu (japanese sword fighting)
well, maybe i'll look like Ichigo holding zangetsu... =.=
lame i know..
but it looks fun tho...

i miss internet!!!
well might be getting internet soon..
i hope...
it's already been a sem without and i dun think i can hold on much longer~

so ya...
that's mostly it,
life in KL

wonder what's installed for me next~ cya~

Sunday, January 20, 2008

The Irony Of Life

It is a men’s ability to remember,
That sets us apart…

We are the only species,
Concern with the past…

Our memory gives us voice,
And as bare witness of the history;

So that others might learn,
So that they can celebrate our triumphs;
And be warned of our failures…

There are many ways to define our fragile existence,
Many ways to give it meaning;
But it is our memory that shapes it purpose,
And give it context.

The private assortment of images, fears, loves, regrets…
Or is it the cruel irony of life,
That we are destined to hold:-
The dark with the light,
The good with the evil,
Success with disappointment.

This is what separates us,
What makes us human…

And in the end,
We must fight to hold on to…

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

i heard what you said

we were chatting...
and i heard what you said,

thinking it over, quickly;

what if i asked for conformation?

i know u siad it,

what good will i get? if you admit;
and what good will i get? if you deny.

i heard what you siad..
it hurts;
as still i felt,
that you haven't trust me;

if i asked,
will it make things clear?
or blur things even more?

and so,
i decided that it is best to say "what?"

hoping that i will forget it soon

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

dining at wong kok

i am going back to kl to continue my studies tmr...
so, i would most probably not blog so often anymore~

went wong kok for makan the other day,
it's the first wong kok in melaka,
it's at dataren pahlawan,
the largest mall of south malaysia...
well... so called...
at least...
still many of KL's malls are way bigger than that...
so, we were shopping and thought of having a break there...
plus, it's new...
that definately add some charm to it...
i gotta admit that those cheese cheese thing to me hooked up a little...
so i ordered this...

baked cheese rice, portugese style...

mum got this,

cheese bake rice, with tuna fish~

peanut butter toast!!


the cuppa tea is sooo HUGE!!

and this is "yean young"
my fav.

a look in the restraunt~

gregorule's new year's resolutioins 2008

i always suck at keeping my resolutioins,
besides, i never think i made it even once...
sometimes, it even makes me felt bad about it...

but what the hell,
just set a few,
and hope i can achieve at least one or two of it...

here goes...

1. LOSE WEIGHT!!!! i dun care, as long as i can lose...
as muc as possible, but at least i have to got2-3 sizes down on my jeans...

2. improve in my studies... hopefuly it can reach my target...

3. make it to gym at least 3 times a week...

4. healthy diet!!! less oli, meat, and junks...

5. travel travel travel!!! i hvaen't really been traveling since i entered U,
i missed those travelling days...

so, hopefully i can reach all my targeted goal...
all of it are important,
and hopefuly i can monitor it well...

ya, this is the first post of the year...
heres wishing everyone a happy new year!!!
and may your wishes and resolutions come through!!!

good luck!!!~