Thursday, January 13, 2011

why get mad over the things you can’t control?

Well, as many of you know that I’m quite a saddist, I’ve made someone cry… again… well, technically speaking, not for real tho. sorry to disappoint you folks.

there was this guy, who doesn’t like being called dark or teased that he dark at finally got it from me. There’s this one fine day that I teased about being dark by comparing him with me and he decided to stop talking to me and having lunch with me.

And I can recall him saying this to me: “It is not my choice for me to be born dark!”

Well, there’s nothing much I can do can I? besides apologizing, that is.

My point of this post is to tell you people about what I’ve learn long time ago that, knowing you can’t change something that is already done, learn to live with it!

I’ve quite fair, and many people actually teased me about it. Like way many people have teased me about being fair. I used to hate it, trust me, but look at me now? I’m still fair and no one can talk about it in front of me will hurt me.

I’m born white, that I couldn’t change. What I can change is my reaction towards what people have to say about it, and that I have to be proud of who I am, for who I will be and for what I’ve done. That’s it!

Why get so upset about the things you know you couldn’t change anymore?



BTW, Ya, I teased him, but with only 5% of what I usually do to a girl friend of mine who’s dark as well. Until today, we can still tease each other like there’s no tomorrow. You’re a guy for goodness sake. suck it up!