Wednesday, December 31, 2008


meet up with a long time no see friend in 1U today~ ^^ we had a nice time~


picture of the day, Jeff, Fui Yee and me~

(it's the picture of the day because we took more than 5 try to make sure all our heads are in it~ XD



Fui Yee and me~


going to countdown party at 1U later!~


have a nice time countdown-ing~ XD

Tuesday, December 30, 2008


actual plan for tomorrow canceled...


and to you, yes YOU!!!

I don't get it why you have to make things so cold!

always!!! it's making me starting to think that you wanna act great in front of me...

it is giving me a very hard time to even dare to start a conversation with you!


sometimes, I wish you can just buzz off!


I am getting sic and tired of it....

My year end report

2008 as coming to an end and 2009 is just a night's sleep away...


basically, this post is a summary of what I have did this year.


on January, I started my year 1 sem 2 of school at UTAR,

I was also helping out at the blood donation campaign that time as an ordinary helper...

and soon after that I joined Jujitsu,


then, it was CNY


later after CNY was my birthday, it's the most memorable even that I will never forget because so many people turn up to greet me at 12am...

I was really touched guys... thanks again...


and also some sad moments during April...


my sem then ends at May, allowing us to do mad mad things again (me and my bunch of monkey friends)



before the new sem starts, I went to Kelantan and Pulau Perhentian~



year 2 sem 1 then starts in June where I am starting to get involved in various activities like blood donation where I am the assistant duty master and the UTAR FEStival.



and then, my room door in KL somehow got locked from inside and we had to use force to get in...


during August, we went for a friend's house warming party and ended up in Hulu Langat~



I have my final exams on September and attended the

Nuffnang sharing session at the apartment KLCC.


as usual, after the exam, I went out to have fun alone this time..


I was about to get a place in Novozymes in Sri Petaling when the bad news that my mum got injured in New Zealand hit the pause button foe what have installed for me to go home.


and since then I am rotting at home...

until my cruise trip lately!~

which you can read about it here, here, here and here...


not forgetting, I have met a few new friends from the blogsphere during November especially~ ^^











overall, year 2008 has been kind to me, giving me alot of opportunities.

I came to know alot of new friends and still able to cope with my old once...

eventho there are some not so good times, but the joyous moment I had has already compensate for it~ ^^


so, now I shall put 2008 in my book for history, sweet memories, and lessons learn...

and I shall look forward to the bright 2009!!!


and I will work my very best to achieve my target!!! 

Sunday, December 28, 2008

night outing in Australia

as planned, I went out to meet with my high school friends last night~


we went got satay celup at around 8pm~

after that,

we went to MBO for movie!!! Australia!




Nicole Kidman is simply gorgeous~


overall, this is a nice movie to watch if you are into knowing more about the heritage side of Australia.

but if you are searching for excitement and action, better not go...


ohh and did I mention, this movie is about 2 1/2 friggin long!!!

and by the time the movie ends, it's already 1.30am


after some yum cha session, we went home~

too bad there are no cameras, so no pictures are taken...



I am going back to KL tomorrow and so... CYA!!!

Saturday, December 27, 2008


ok, at last Greg links people on his blog...


reason: for my own convenience, after reformatting my comp, it's hard to get back all the links which I have feeded on my IE.

yes I use IE to read blogs cause opera's feed sucks...


okok back to the topic, you don't see a single link on my blog before even people asked you link is because later questions like "why you link her you don't link me?"


I am sure most people know that...


and then I realize, this is MY blog, I have NO ONE to answer to, and I won't have to explain my every moves and reasons to do things here...


so let's make it clear,

I am only going to link blogs that I usually read and it's my freedom if I want to like you or not.

Friday, December 26, 2008


ok fine! so Greg is afraid of needles... so what?!


why I write about this topic today?

it cause I am force to go for a blood test today because I promised my mum that I'll go for blood test every year...

it all started last year when my mum successfully bluff me into the clinic by putting pizza on the doctor's table... ok it's a lie... but it is true that she managed to get me do the test somehow...


there are 2 reasons why I am afraid of needles, let's start with number 1.

when I know nothing about needles, I was quite ok with it until one day, my whole family went to a hepatitis test....

imagine the nurse tying you arm with that whatever thing you called and searched for your veins, not only did she not search correctly, but she continued to poke me...

then she twisted and turn the needle INSIDE of me and still can't find my vein...

she then took the needle out and continued to prick me and failed again...

later after that she gave up... so am I...


well, end of story number 1...



part 2:

not real, but it's so real...

ok ok... it's a dream....


you are walking in a maze, it's wet and slippery...

then you can hear echoed screams from somewhere far away...

and you continued walking...

and came to a big big room with alot of people standing in the middle...


being curious as usual, you walk to see what is in the attention all about...

as you walk closer, you can smell blood...

then you can see a person lying on what looks like the dissecting table shaking in pain....

as all the doctors got closer to the person with table and started to learn the art of poking human!!!


soon after that, blood was all over as all of them are failure in poking!!!

*hair stands*



so yes...

that is why needles are so against me... or the other way round?

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas eve in the zoo?!

how much can one do in Melaka?

when you don't want to got to shopping mall...

well, I went to mini Malaysia and the zoo during Xmas eve!~



Nigel, Oscar and Me being whacky~



some of the houses in mini Malaysia~



there's also a mini bridge there~ it's nice when yo shake it~


later after that, we went to visit the zoo~

but since it's just animals, I won't be posting up any pictures of animals in my blog since I believe that most people have been to the zoo before...


later after the zoo~ we went to coffee beans and tea leaf to chill out with a cuppa~


then we went for movie~


not I-P-MAN

it's eep ma-an (Cantonese) 葉問



overall I think it's a good movie which is worth watching, there's no flying around, so I think it's more realistic...


overall, my Christmas eve is considered well spent~ ^^

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

my babies!!~

well, if someone actually asked me what i have to most, it would be my watches~ ^^

I just purely enjoy collecting watches,

polishing them sometimes just makes me feel... happy?


ok without further ado, here are my collections~


the family~


as you can see some are so old that it has lost it's stripe T__T

while some battery just died @__@

but still, I love them more than ever~



my favorite?


is non other than my adidas~ ^^



and this is the one people always see me with~ ^^



so, what do like to collect?

Monday, December 22, 2008

a night at Portuguese settlement, Mlk

it's the season of joy and in Malacca, Portuguese Settlement is the place to go!


forgive me for the poor picture above, it's the only nicest photo I have since I took it in a moving car~


my family somehow decided that the wanted to have seafood for dinner,

so, where do you get fresh seafood and reasonable price and cooked in various delicious ways in Malacca?

well, the answer is as above~



see? I have the crab's claw (whatever you call that) on my right hand~ ^^


and only today that I have found out, yo can eat parrot fish!

and trust me, it's yummy!

especially the head.... best part of the fish dude!!!


we had, grilled egg plant, kangkung belacan, fried squid (the best you can find), baked fish, steamed fish, baked salted crab, garlic butter crab, and scallops.

its 2kg of crab and 2 kg of fish

and the bill came up to about RM210+ which is considered reasonable! (what most people say)

no pictures of the food because everyone is too into eating that we forgot the camera actually existed... XD


since the restaurant is so near the sea, we went to walk around before we go back~ ^^


papa, mummy, sis and me~

DSC01458 me~



dun you dare mess with me!~



kena bully balik~



the ah peks and aunties~


the youngsters~



the jump!~

Saturday, December 20, 2008

all I want for Christmas!~

so many things so little money... T___T

here's my wish list~ ^^


dear Santa,

if you are reading this, get one of it for me will do~

No.1 : MacBook Pro



No.2 : iPhone 3G



No.3 : iPod touch



okok, I am an Apple Freak I know...


now, let's continue with some non-applized product~ :p


No.4: a decent camera? (Might get a DSLLR if I am really into photography later on in life)




well, besides the above, I don't really know what I want anymore...

because, above are things that I really really like and still can't get my hands on...

Friday, December 19, 2008

Singapore Blogger's Outing!!!

on the very next day, the ship docked at Singapore's cruise port at 7 something am...


due to some minor time miscalculation, I failed to meet Hong Peng on time....


so, as soon as I alighted, I went to our meeting venue at vivocity~

Nath might be late that day, so HP and I went for a walk around vivocity first~


and since Christmas is just around the corner, there decorations set up everywhere in vivocity~


some of the Christmas decorations~



Nath, HP, and I~


HP left soon after that because he have a class to catch in the afternoon~ co, Nath took me around Singapore (near to the harbor)


we went to Clark Quay~



then we watch an on ice performance at Central~



after the performance, I wanted to go to City Hall, and so, we walked there~

but we pass by a civil defense museum and we went in to have a look~


well, after all those, I have no more time to go to City Hall, and I am almost late to board my ship!!!

yea yea... I ran like hell later on from the MRT station to the boarding area... ask Nath, she was behind me chasing... XD



thanks Nath and HP for the wonderful meet up even though it's just a few hours only, really appreciate it!~ ^^

how we will meet again~ ^^

Thursday, December 18, 2008

food on cruise~

as promised on my previous post, food galore!~

we spent the whole day on board the next day on the way to Singapore~


and trust me, being on board for the whole day is not at all boring!!!


in the restaurant (top), enjoying the sea breeze~ (bottom)

you can eat, play basket ball, watch some performance, walk around the ship, and breath in the sea breeze~


okok~ without further ado~

the food!!~

since I dine EVERYDAY at the western restaurant, It's gonna be all western cuisine for you to feast your eye~



the appetizers~






some of the main dishes~ ^^


fish, burger, LAMB, and chicken~ (clockwise from top left)



cheesy chicken, seafood pizza, creme chicken, and fish and chips~



steak and bacon, prawn, pasta, and salmon~



and last but not least~^^ deserts!!~



an that very day, we have a dinner with the captain, and from there did I only found out that the cruise ship are allowed a maximum speed of around 40km per hour!!! but it all certainly seemed so fast!!!

we look at the GPS on my uncle's phone, it's about 33km/hr!!!


well, we all have to dress formally for the dinner,


well, at least that's what my uncles and aunties are doing...

but yea, I am smart enough~ XD


before the dinner, we hang out at the lounge and watch a performance~^^


ohh, and that's the pirate ship we saw in Phuket according to my cute cousin~ ^^



next post, meeting up with Nath and HP at Singapore!~

stay tuned!!~