Thursday, April 30, 2009

home cooked food~

we were high yesterday, so we decided to cook dinner~

dinner for 13 people!!!


edit 1 the chefs~


IMG_1004 and the product~


we have

IMG_0998 chicken~


IMG_1000 tofu~


IMG_0999 vege~


IMG_1001 salad~


IMG_1002 ABC soup~~~


IMG_1030 the food looks so good we curi makan before everyone arrived~ HAHAHAA!!!!





after dinner, the girls clean up (Maria, cuci mangkuk!!!!)

and we have a drinking session…

IMG_1049 fu-yoh… lao lao’s mouth so big!!!


IMG_1045 after that, some chatting session~


edit 2 and cam-whore session~


and we went home~

and this is one thing I really missed…


the texture of good rice. I can feel every grain of it in my mouth, unlike those being sold at food stalls…


Wednesday, April 29, 2009

self portrait

Mike and I were having fun snapping away the other day~

and here are some of the products~

DSC_6202_008 Me~


DSC_6215_015 Mike

DSC_6228_020 RQ~

DSC_6257_024 RQ and I~



*should consider putting that pic of mine on my grave… looks good even after death*

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

quick update

I am currently free for 10 days till my next paper!!!


now, some short update…

I came out of my first test (moral studies) and found that my new bag is lying on the ground…

I took it up just to find that it has being torn…

IMG_0966 apparently some ass hole did this…


I was so furious  because this bag came all the way from Australia…

and it’s really a very very nice bag…

and I don’t think I can get it replaced in any Rip Curl store in Malaysia…





and there’s this morning I can’t seem to fin my note for me to study… and I finally found it here…

IMG_0975 under my pillow…


(yes, I slept on my notes… it’s know to help absorption like in Southern Blotting)




ok, that’s all for now~

(meeting up with Jess and Ev later~ can’t wait)


till then, CYA!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Secret Recipe~

IMG_0940 well, it was PeakMun’s Brithday the other day~

so we decided to treat her to a meal at Secret Recipe~


still remember the RM9.90 promo?


yea, and this week, it’s Tom Yam time!~



IMG_0947 it’s was not bad, the taste…


for deserts, we had CAKES!!!






p/s: this is a lazy post… that basically explains the lack of words…

Sunday, April 26, 2009


IMG_0876 satay,


is paired with…

IMG_0868 onion and cucumber and ketupat~


but it’s best companion is

IMG_0881 wit the kuah itself~


I miss Melaka’s food…


Saturday, April 25, 2009

I’m done giving

please refer to this post to know that I am saying


it took me a long time to really think of it…

but yea, consider it officially DONE!


making people happy is just an option,

no more a must…

at least, for me.

Dinner at Portuguese settlement~

IMG_0770 and a bottle of wine along~


IMG_0781 while waiting for dinner to be served~


IMG_0790 me~


soon after that, the food arrived!~

edit1 we had baked egg plant, and scallop~


edit2 baked fish, steamed fish and fried calamari~


and the main reason why we went there…

IMG_0803 CRAB!!!

*took those pictures in a hurry, some might be blur…*

mind you, so many people waiting to makan…. not good waiting for me to take pictures…


after dinner, we went for a walk at the seaside~

IMG_0818 and pictures were taken…


IMG_0819 my cousin who took this pic says that as if our souls are comming out from our body…

LOL I know…




next stop, satay babi!

till then, CYA!!!

Friday, April 24, 2009





just got the news that someone living in Danau Kota suicide?


I think so this is what happened when UTAR’s examination department done a bad job in setting the exam time table…

3 exams in a row?!


worse for Bio Chems I know… 4 in a row…


and the first exam is Moral Studies…

I feel like dying too…

stupid time table!


and that vestigial winged guy’s paper is so friggin tough…




if I treat you awfully cold or bad of not being well mannered these few days, please forgive me…

I am working under alot of stress currently…



stupid time table…

I hate spams!

honestly, isn’t 1 message enough?

why do some ass just want to leave 21 SAME messages on my tag box?


what is it called if it’s not spam?!



seriously! some people are just… *speechless*


continue with my studies now…

* temporary forget about Molecular Bio and Genetics*


*stubi moral*

Thursday, April 23, 2009

birthday with a splash!

image James, you’ve got served!





image well, at least they still wait for you to get up from the pool…




Happy Birthday James!

all the best!!!



*photo credits to Mike*

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

helping a friend

first of, there is a matter I’d like to bring up…

to UTARians out there,

there’s a Civil engineering student who’s suffering from bone cancer and he will be undergoing a surgery soon.


(please read the e-mail or more information)help

hopefully UTARians who read my blog will be kind enough to donate some money, I am sure it will be of great help to him and his parents.

Dim Sum

remember that day my sister drove?

yea…. we went to have dim sum~



some of my all time favorites~IMG_0756 “pai kuat” and siew mai~


IMG_0758 chicken feet~ I just like them~


and nothing beats the siew mai~



there is also this mushroom thingy~

IMG_0763 *ok, I am drooling now…




we went to Portuguese settlement or dinner that night~

more updates about it soon~ ^^



Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Eye on Malaysia (Melaka)

well, I have been planning to go there with  some of my blogging buddies from Melaka but it seems we have  different things to be busy with…


so, I went there with my cousins who came back from Australia since we wanted to do some sight seeing…

IMG_0826I think this is a nice shot but I have a feeling something’s wrong with it…


IMG_0839 my uncles, aunties and cousins…


IMG_0841 at the ticketing booth

IMG_0845 before going up~


IMG_0850 my cousins from Australia~


IMG_0855 all of us in the gondola~


IMG_0856 last picture before we leave~






p/s: going to UTAR to get my exam slip later~