Tuesday, March 31, 2009

60 Earth Hour

right after my blogger’s gathering, I went off to meet with my housemates and headed to Cap Square for the Walk of Hope!



we arrived around 5.20pm and all the Earth Hour Tees has been given out… T____T

it’s a waste because those tees are darling…



the sky is still bright when we arrived,


and since we have to wait till it’s 7.30pm for the walk to start, we might as well explore some of the place in Cap Square~



we then came by an art exhibition in the mall~

DSC_4773_067 one of the most interesting exhibition…

it’s known as project hexa, and that’ all I know…


and then, we went out and took some pictures~


a group picture with the clown~


DSC_4788 DSC_4791_079











PeakMun and I~


DSC_4882_145 soon after that, candles are lit,


DSC_4928_166 and the walk begins!


DSC_4964_185 the walk distance is very short, so, it’s not tiring at all, plus, it’s fun walking for something so meaningful~

owh, did mention that they all sang me birthday song during the walk?!

okok, I was pretty paise…


after the walk, it’s time to count down to switch off the lights~


DSC_5015_204 and it’s DARK!!!~


but with the candle light~

DSC_5049_213 we have no problem having fun either~


DSC_5053_217 and a group picture in the dark~


and did i mention, UTAR was there too~



DSC_5102_235 and the last peformance of the day~ *here in my home by several Malaysian artist*



while walking off from Cap Square, we saw lit candles, and since it’s my birthday, I am supposed to blow them off~


and is it luck or what?! there were exactly 21 candles!~ XD



and the night ended with a group picture of us~




overall, I had a very fun birthday~

28th of March is indeed a day to remember!~ ^^

Monday, March 30, 2009

Pavilion blogger’s gathering

I now most of you have been waiting for this post… (ok, maybe only you HP)

but hey! how am I supposed to blog without pictures?!

but it’s settled now since i rob some pictures from CWKen, and Jeffro sent me the pics he took that day~ ^^ photo credits to them!!!~ ^^



first, we meet up at coffee beans waiting for everyone to arrive~

mind you, I arrive since 11+am… @___@


IMG_1509 [1280x768]

wah~ who’s this leng zai huh?


IMG_1512 [1280x768]

then we chatted for abit… ok, I was busy with the phone for a while >.<


IMG_1515 [1280x768] then, the dude from monkey land a.k.a Zhao started doing his thing (photography, think straight >.<)

people, he’s-so-tall-you-look-at him-you-feel-you’re-short-like-bacteria. (ok, crapping)


IMG_1532 [1280x768] after everyone has arrived, we moved on to food republic below for lunch!~

mind you, we were all hungry by then @___@


sat there, chat for a while, and move on to our next spot~ STARBUCKS~


too bad both the Starbucks are full.

So, we thought of going to sit at the stairs near the entrance of Pavilion to chat~

DSC_0979 copy after taking a few pictures, guards came to halau us… WTF…

like we are illegal immigrants or something…

I can see that Zhao is frustrated by that too…


running out of ideas on where to go, we just strolled around the place until…

IMG_1550 [1280x768] JESSIP0M arrives!~

well, we met at last, did we?! XD



soon after that, everyone went their separate ways (meaning went home)

leaving me, Zhao, Jess, Angel, Ken, Diese and CWKen.

we hand out at Dome’s for a while~

DSC_1029 too bad I had to leave early guys~

tell me what did I missed?!?!?!



owh, and the uber important picture of the day!~

IMG_1556 [1280x768] group picture!~

From left: CWKen, Angel, Ken, Bernard, Me, Jeffrey, KaiChi, Vun, Jackie, Zhao, Diese, Alex, Kwong Fei, Suresh and Jess



DSC_1008 took this outside starbucks~ ^^



hope to meet you guys again soon yo!!!

I really had sun that day~


post on earth hour coming up!!!~

so many to update man~ @___@

CYA! *runs to class*

Sunday, March 29, 2009






作曲:陈诗慧 作词:陈诗慧


明显都是错 情感可控制麽


唯一伤害过 而且牺牲太多



宁愿你杀掉我 就当我上了一课



别再忍 好应该摆脱伤心的噩运

而情感 怎麽给踩过也不沉



随便笑 去讽刺我脸上的手掌印

原因 应该出於情难自禁




提醒我你犯错 别再放纵你找我


Repeat *




I fell in love with this so… so freaking emo can die!!! T_____T


sry people, more updates on the walk of hope ant the nuffnang gathering coming up!

thoughts of 21

*note: this is a very long post, embrace yourselves!!!*

nothing is easy,
nothing is difficult as well.
it’s not going to be easy if we don’t wanna do anything about it,
and it’s not difficult if we try our best to do it!


thoughts of a guy who just turned 21,

this is the purpose of this post,

to mark the beginning of life,

and to motivate me to work hard for my future!

21 is a colorful year,

it’s the time where everything just started to form.

one more year till my degree ends,

start to hunt for jobs,

cars, house, everything start pouring in…

sweet 20s? *doubt*

so, in order to reach my dreams,

I shall work hard! strive! and never give up!!!

no doubt the Greg today may not be the same,

as the Greg you all once know.

and so, this post is to:

admonish me of my flaws,

also to remind me of who I am, perhaps was?

I am, according to people aggressive,

aggressive in solving problems,

and, not everyone can take my way of handling things…
besides, I’m also a person who believe what I am doing,

as long as i think it’s correct, nothing can stop me.

if people want to describe it in a nice way, It would be persevere.

if someone comment on the other way, It would be stubborn.

I will sometimes forget who I am while I am too into doing what I do,

this action of mine may cause me to hurt people unknowingly.

so, if I did, please forgive me.

who’s is Greg?

Greg is a nice and fun person to get along with.

funky, crazy, and super blur at times (don’t ask why, you’re blur when you’re

and he really like to be happy! (but the obstacles are just there sometimes)

he can laughs his lungs out to tell people how happy he was.

LOUD as in very very LOUD at times…

likes to spend quality time with himself (his friends thinks he’s crazy)

likes to know more friends to expand his network (that’s why I like nuffnang
gathering so much!, you get to know so many people from different walks of life)

can be very calm in a tense situation…

love his family and friends alot!!! very willing to help them (try my best)…

and one thing, Greg is super straightforward! and he hereby apologize if he had
hurt anyone of you due to his straightforward-ness.

(the top self-evaluation is based on the feedbacks I have collected from my
friends. please let me know if I am still up to date?)

but, due to things that has happened lately,I have reason to believe that some of
the above personality are not valid anymore. you tell  me.

my birthday wish?

I do hope that everyone stays healthy and happy, be the best in what they are
doing. most importantly, just be happy. I will be happy enough just by surrounded
by happy people…

I would hereby thank:

my parents for their well done job in raising me up to be who I am now.

Ronald for being my best pal who continuously giving me support in what I do.

housemates who sang me birthday song in CapSquare.

PunJing for her creative work of art (the pic. above)

DiEsE and KaiChi for freaking out when they found out it’s my birthday yesterday
XD (I still remembered DiEsE’s freaked out face)

and everyone who had wished me.

and not forgetting the WWF for asking so many people in the world to switch off the lights and light a candle for me~ XD

you all made my 21st birthday so special~ ^^ and I am very happy about it!~

thanks people!!!

28th of March and the day before

and today’s 29th of March…


well, for those who know, it was my birthday yesterday, yes, 28th of March, also the earth day (is it what it is called?), and it’s also the day where I have my Genetics test…


let’s start on the eve of my birthday~ the 27th of March~


it’s a lab routine for us, the students to check on our culture that we have done in the incubation room~



and at the same time, camwhore abit~




later at night, Ronald came and took me out for dinner to celebrate my birthday~ ^^

since I still need to study, I can’t go out really long can I?



my second birthday present~ a BIG BAG from Ronald~ ^^


and later at 12am, messages came flooding into my phone with those heartfelt wishes from my friends and family~

soon after 12am, PunJing came into my room to present me with her hand made card!~

it also has wishes of all my house mates written in it!


LOOK! it has pop outs CAN!!! DAMN!!! I love you people!!!

the card itself is enough to make me feel more than happy~


not only that, PunJing also gave me a friendship band!~



after I finished my studies (ok, I did not), I went to bed…

and so, the day ends~ ^^



on the 28th of March (my birthday), I was forced to wake up early because I had to go for my genetics test. (I don’t wish to fail you see)


but I can take it that luck was on my side because the questions are not as tough as I have expected.

in other words, I am able to finish the questions unexpectedly fast!!!

then, Melinda and I went out the hall together~


and I continue my plan to go to the nuffnang gathering in Pavilion~

DSC_0979 copy

followed by the Walk of Hope at CapSquare celebrating the earth hour~


both of I shall blog about when I wake up today…

ok, it’s already 1am and I am already half dead @___@

please spare me as I really need my sleep~



look out for updates on the Nuffnang Gathering and the Walk of Hope on the coming posts~



owh, it’s nice getting to meet you all! (nuffnangers I met)



*photo credits to CWKen*

P/S: I shall curi somemore pics to blog about the gathering, hope you all dun mind~

Friday, March 27, 2009

WLM on mobile with digi!!!



too bad my phone cannot support it…



going out with Ronald later~ wuahaa!!!~ *winks winks*


and also, my parents are not coming to KL anymore… T____T

so, I might join the Walk of Hope at CAPSQUARE after all~

Thursday, March 26, 2009

pictures I missed

I was browsing through my Friendster profile and I came across so many pictures that reminds me of so many things…

so, I decided to show them here and write something about it…



this was taken on a night when we (Jeff and I) got our boken (wooden sword).

we were so high that we decided to take crazy pictures of us being the samurai hero of sorts… >.<||| i know…




next was this, this picture was taken when we were in UTAR Kampar.

this was after we went to Gua Tempurung. It was an enjoying trip!




these are my cousins~ (my sister is in there too)

I missed them so so so very the muchie because 2 is in Australia, 2 is in New Zealand and one is in KL (near I know…)

I MISS YOU ALL!!! (can hear me onot???)




anyone will know this place…

yea, It’s genting…

it’s fun eventho it’s just memories…



this was Chinese new year few years ago~

happy moments~ ^^

miss my grand parents~




from left, panda, monkey, kodomo lion and elephant!!! ^^

a visit to the zoo with our panda~




my first time to Penang,

with a bunch of monkeys (my friend)




my very first outing with a friend who became my bestie which also now seemed so far apart because of our differences in opinion…




my secondary school mates, we were in Genting~

I miss them alot too since we are all busy with our own stuffs now…




last but not least,


the cockroach I super glued onto the ground!~ XD

cool ain’t it?!




so, that’s mostly all of it~

I am sure there will be more to come, when I browse through my photo library one by one…

mind you, I have tons and tons of photos!~



Genetics time!!! gotta study if I don’t wanna fail!!! G0g0gO!!!

health screening

for all who know, Health screening is officially over.

too bad we have to limit to only 80 people a day because there are still alot of students and staffs who wanted to get their health screened…


anyway, Less words more pictures…

on the very first day, PeakMun and Ce-Yan came to see me…







this is when there are more people in that area waiting for their turn…



then Yong Yong stopped by~



and soon after that, the event ended…

and before that, we took a chance to pose on the nice board my committee has done…

note: the previous board suck big time.


his work



and this guy just simply wanted to take a picture with the board…




I’ll rate this event as successful since our target was reached…

some committee is really helpful and some aren’t (that’s usually the case isn’t it?)

to those who are not, well, let’s just say you are gonna get it from me during the post mortem meeting later…




now I shall focus fully on my Genetics test on Saturday!~