Thursday, July 31, 2008

my physiology report

well... as you all know, i have done my physiology experiment last week and it's almost time to finish the report and hand it up on Friday...

since it's a group report, I have been assigned to complete a small part of the report... and so, I do...

this is how it looks like...

Question : Students in the sodium bicarbonate treatment group might be polled on their experiences with respect to the latter variable.


On msn:

Han chuan:

He says he suffer…

I asked him suffer how... he says… well hv to force to pee... u know la (actually I dunno)

He also felt thirsty… very thirsty indeed… he says~

He also says tht he’s glad that the 2 hrs finally ended so that he can finally have a drink... Not pee… but water…

He also says that the 3rd time is the hardest to pee… nono… he says he thinks… but after a long though about it… he confirms it’s the 3rd time…


Liang: unbearable… (and no further elaboration provided...)

On report: (version 1.0)

According to student 3 (student drinking sodium bicarbonate) it’s not a good feeling. According to him, the third time urinating is the most difficult because the urine just won’t want to come out. The most difficult time to pee is the 3rd time; this is said that he has to force the urine out. After drinking the sodium bicarbonate provided, he felt really thirsty and was glad that the 2 hours finally ended.


On report: (version 2.0)

According to student 3 (student drinking sodium bicarbonate) it doesn’t felt good. The most difficult time to pee is the 3rd time because it is said that he has to force the urine out. Besides that, he also says that he has less urine compared to the usual. After drinking the sodium bicarbonate provided, he felt really thirsty and was really thirsty throughout the whole experiment since he can’t drink any water.





overall, everyone had a good laugh at it~

and yea... I had fun playing with report... hehe~

Saturday, July 26, 2008

the brake in!

well, I was at school when I heard from my housemates that my roommate says that my room door was locked and can't be opened even by the key...

this had happened before, not too me...

but to one of my friend staying opposite my unit...

when I reached home, Simon already hacked the door knob but yet to open the door...

until Richard came to help us out...


remaining of the door knob on the table to be examined...


prior to the break in, I saw someone sleeping!!!


yup, he sleeps alot lately!~

I also saw some really "lovely" face...


lovely rite? rite rite RITE???


and I saw a male Evita singing to the people of Argentina~ with a guitar~

compare it yourselves~



then I see a gal with a pretty charming smile~


performing a mouth stretching?

and in this picture, we also found a person with potential to be the cast for upcoming batman movie as Joker~ (the guy holding 2 eggs if you are still wondering who)


then I met with a new star from high school musical!!!~


dun believe me?


seeee~~~ (at the most right if you are blind)

and he gave me his autograph!!!!

not to mention, I also saw animals!!!


Sieng the pig, Jynn the monkey, Quan the kodomo lion, and Greg the elephant~


a person who cannot eat properly...


some lost samurai?


or just someone who just refuses to see the light...


it seems there are so many people I have introduced, I haven't any chance to intro myself..

so, here goes....

I am










batman... okok.. I know, I know... you all know my true identity...


I am Bruce Wayne...


OHKAY! fine!! I am Christian Bale!!!

gosh.. people are so smart these days...

Friday, July 25, 2008


well, it's a all fun lab today!~

every group are supposed to look for a member (male) to pee in order for us to conduct the experiment~

after a long discussion,

a long argument,

a long suggestion,

and a looong time...

we still dunno who's supposed to be donating his urine...


since this is the situation,

we leave our fate to luck~

we draw lots...


and the lucky winner is....



so today,

he do the peeing,

we do the testing...


it's weird I know...

handling someone's pee...

but I think so it MIGHT be my future job..



so, we solute him~


to Jeff~

wanna see his pee?


of coz I will show to you this picture...

it's pee~~


this is the *beverage* our test subject have to drink~

salt water, sodium bicarbonate, and 700ml of water...


and since the camera is on...


took this while waiting for the guys to pee (standing outside the toilet) >.<



well, wat's most funny today?

there are a few...


case 1:

in the lab, someone (test subject) ate durian last night!!!

the lab got durian smell!!!!

without doubt, came from the pee...


case 2:

me : why you wear long sleeves?!

her: why cannot?!

me: eh, I am asking you rite?!

her: yea, I like... any comments?!

me : only one...

her: yea, what?

me: you make le look like a cow! WITH HOOVES!!!!

her: started laughing like a mad cow...


Monday, July 21, 2008

to Amuleto we go~

outing again!!!~

this time, we watch hellboy II and the dark knight!~

and of coz... the dark knight took it all!!~



we had some western food for lunch at Amuleto by Crystal jade~


environment was good~

company was fine~

and the food is great!~


we shared this quartet soup~


combination of 4 types of soup : mushroom soup, pumpkin soup, onion soup, and broccoli soup~

all taste great except the broccoli soup... taste like LB broth to me...


then, Liang ordered Fried seafood spaghetti in olive oil a.k.a mamak mee goreng~


very very nice!!!!

den Ce-Yan ordered sliced salmon in mushroom sauce~



den I have Rosti with smoked salmon~


damn nice!!!!

for drinks~ we have~


I took mocha mint ~


Ce-yan had chocolatino~


tropical smoothies for Liang~



Liang and I~



trio again~


and guess what!!!

I saw the stars of high school musical and took a group photo with them!!!


you just can't say no when the ask you to pose together with them!!!~


nice food~

great movie~

enjoyable day~

what more can you ask for?

wait!! yea... money~

I need money!~~ T.T

totally broke now~


till then chaoZ~

UTAR Setapak first aid society upcoming activities~

Health screening, First Aid Training~ be sure to support us UTARians~

Lao lao's 21st birthday!!!



gals all out shopping and guys stay at home and do the cooking~

what was that?!

the sky is falling!!!


anyway, we had fun while preparing~


Mok, Piang and me~ took it while preparing~ balloons for deco~


cooking spaghetti sauce with Jeff.~


rehearsing the "happy Birthday song"~


preparing the banner!~ with loads of help!!~


taa daa!!!~~ the product~


rehearsal goes on till the last minute coz I suck and still suck~


then, it's showtime!!!~

lao lao's and the girls are back from shopping (due to miss communication, we have all out time and plan gone a little "off tuned")


the birthday girl's reaction~ (see the mouth? soo BIG!!!)


posing with the number 21~


group photo!~ (a MUST have)~


then, red colored creme are flying everywhere!!!~


1st victim : the birthday gal itself!~


2nd victim : the gal who did it to the birthday gal~ (sifu)


after kena!~


victim number 3 : jynn (who always kena after sifu kena)


victim number 4 : gogo a.k.a. Ren Quan a.k.a kodomo lion...

(who always kena after jynn kena...)












then it's ahyi~

I actually lost count...

and I know she was the one who kenakan me...



anyway, I think I'll stop this kena kena thing and continue with the night...







then!! performance from Mok and Min-Zhin - apologize!!!~



*mesmerized by the picture above~


then it's the couple singing time!!!~


looks more like Hitler giving his speech to me... O_O||| (RQ and Hee Boon)


Mok and Shu Vien~ haiz~~ see... sooo soooo sooooo.....


Simon and sifu... (sifu? shy? so wrong...)


math question : 2 eggs + 1 cocktail = ???


a bunch of hungry ghost!~


well, overall it a good night!

everyone had fun, and everyone's exhausted...

and everyone cleaned up...

and everyone sleep in then end...


again~~ happy birthday lao lao!!!!