Thursday, October 30, 2008

are you stupid?!

I agree when I heard one saying: "if your child do whatever you ask him / her to do, he's not clever, but stupid"

I agree to this statement because if your parents were to ask your to eat shit, (which no parents will ask) will you?!


our parents trained us to make our decisions on a situation since we are young, but how often do the let use make the decisions?

and most of the time, our parents will interfere with our decisions leaving us in rage. a state we cannot think clearly.

that is what most happened to teenagers and young adults. for us, most problems comes from our parents.

eg. - my mum don't let me do this.

      - my dad says no.

so, here no, there cannot, what can we actually do?

this is the problem with us, teenagers. we do not understand the things happening around us. what is the reasons to our parent's action. and why our parents acted.

due to these reasons, our heart will be filled with anger and wrath. this anger will consume us and thus leads to a great argument with our parents and it lock us out from understanding the reason to our parent's action.


we seldom take the time to look into what our parents did for us, and it will never be too late to start.

if you can truly understand our parent's thought, you will never grow.


do we know how to differentiate what's good and what's bad when we are young? do you know that what is right and what is best? then, do you know your parents actually teaches you how to differentiate it?

we are no one when we are young, our parents thought us to be something we are.

we are illiterate when we are born, our parents gave us the best education making us the degree holder we are to be in the future.

we came into this world naked, our parents provide as clothes and a place to keep us warm.

who are we without our parents?!

we all came into this world with nothing, and everything we own now are given by our parents!


so, referring to the quote "if your child do whatever you ask him / her to do, he's not clever, but stupid"

I beg to differ,

our parents asked us to to wash the plates before we use it with the reason to keep us from getting ill my ingesting some undetectable bacteria.

our parents asked us to do daily exercise to keep us healthy.

our parents asked us to do things that actually in the end, benefits us.


all these things that we do daily is thought by our parents with the main intention for our well being.

if you can take time and look into it properly, it's actually for our own good.


we want to make our decisions, but our parents interfere because they thinks we are doing it wrongly.

and the thing I have found out, no parents will want to see their child suffer from mistakes they made, or even mistakes we made. and all they wanted to do is to protect us from that. with that reason itself, it is enough for them to interfere.


most teenagers rebel because of peer pressure, as much as we can see from our life:

"my friend say..."

"why my friend can, I cannot?"


and seldome you see any teens saying:

"my mum says... and I think it's true"

"my parents do this for a reason."


this can't be blamed, because teens look at the short term while adults see things in a longer term which eventually leads to misunderstanding.


go and think, and you'll find it true.


I shall end this post with a quote:

"no one in this world is born clever. you must be ready to learn to be clever. learn from your mistakes, but most importantly, from other people's mistakes."

I shall write about this in the next post.~

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

chatting with my mum

Bee Lian says (11:47 AM):
hi son

    Sir Gregory     says (11:47 AM):

Bee Lian says (11:48 AM):
have u just woke up

    Sir Gregory     says (11:48 AM):
about 2 hr ago

Bee Lian says (11:48 AM):
xy at school

    Sir Gregory     says (11:48 AM):
maybe tmr onli go

Bee Lian says (11:48 AM):
wah she has kaki ponteng...bad hor

    Sir Gregory     says (11:49 AM):
biasa lar...

Bee Lian says (11:49 AM):
she still in bed??????????

    Sir Gregory     says (11:49 AM):
woke up earlier than me... surprising

Bee Lian says (11:49 AM):

    Sir Gregory     says (11:49 AM):

Bee Lian says (11:49 AM):

Bee Lian says (11:50 AM):
okie dokie
did u remember to wash my bedsheet

    Sir Gregory     says (11:50 AM):
soaking liaw

Bee Lian says (11:50 AM):
and yours
and sis

    Sir Gregory     says (11:50 AM):
yes, everyone's

Bee Lian says (11:50 AM):
ok so floor also mop

    Sir Gregory     says (11:50 AM):

Bee Lian says (11:51 AM):
wah so clever
i am proud of you

    Sir Gregory     says (11:51 AM):

Bee Lian says (11:51 AM):
did this yest

    Sir Gregory     says (11:51 AM):
what? yeaterday why?

Bee Lian says (11:51 AM):

    Sir Gregory     says (11:51 AM):
no la...
tmr gua...
see how lar..

Bee Lian says (11:51 AM):
that is not v good

    Sir Gregory     says (11:52 AM):
will be done b4 u come back lar...

Bee Lian says (11:52 AM):
bedsheet clean but floor dirty so it gets to bed also leh

    Sir Gregory     says (11:52 AM):
gravity will prevent it

Bee Lian says (11:52 AM):
what nonsense is this

Bee Lian says (11:53 AM):
bring the gravity outside ...the dirt

    Sir Gregory     says (11:53 AM):
black hole
suck everything out

Bee Lian says (11:53 AM):
ok suggest u let the machine wash off once and then soak again since u got quite a big load ok

    Sir Gregory     says (11:53 AM):
gravity is pulling me down

Bee Lian says (11:54 AM):
u big bum

    Sir Gregory     says (11:54 AM):

Bee Lian says (11:54 AM):
add soap again to the 2nd soak ok



hehe, cute conversation with my mum can be good sometimes XD

a big brother, the eldest brother.

well, with great power comes great responsibility.

by power, I don't mean supernatural powers, but rather power gained by being the eldest child in the family...

I wouldn't say that being the eldest in the family is easy or hard, it has a dark side as well as a bright side...


there are times when I am just too fed up to care about my younger sister and let her do the things she wanted even if it is going to do her no good. But, I am not heartless enough to let that happen.

when I was young, my sister would take toys from me, pinch me, or even toss a thing at me. But hey! I survive till now right?!


being the eldest means setting a good example for your younger siblings. doing what's right, not what's best. (which is the opposite of what WE are doing now)

be a role model and set proper examples, do what mum ask you to do and you are a good boy. (which most of us don't agree now, which is true)

and all of this has constrict us into a world of less freedom since we have to look after and set a good example for the younger.


the youngest in the family always get the things they wanted, to us, the eldest, we have to SOMETIMES give up the things we wanted. This is NATURAL.

sometimes, I have to give up my pride and say sorry to my sister.

sometimes, I have to give up the Internet time to my sister.

sometimes, I have to give up  the toys I once adored because my sister wants it.

but again, it is only sometimes.


it must be tough ain't it? being the eldest with no one to guide you while your younger siblings have you to guide them?

I beg to differ:

NO! your parents are your guide!

although we don't approve what they did to us, what they said to us. but what they do is from their heart with NO intention to harm us, just to EDUCATE us!

this is what I have known until now,and I believe it is still not too late to find out! whatever your parents do to you has a very good reason behind it! and trust me with that!


how many of you people outside has actually argue with your parents out there?

then, how many actually felt bad about that argument? (even if you still think you are right)

and last of all, have you discuss calmly about the argument later on with your parents? do you have a heart to heart talk with your parents, and understand their feelings? THIS is the most important!

and I can answer the above question with a proud YES!



this is why I can proudly say that I know how my parents feel when they punish me. I know how they feel when they have to ask me to give up a thing I like. And all these, I can be very sure in telling you that they don't feel as good as you do.

we must know, our limits while doing a thing.

we must know, what is right or wrong.

we must know, how to do a thing right.

we must know, how to influence our siblings.

all these things, we learn from none other than our parents!




of all these years, I have learn a very very important lesson for just being the eldest, which is patience and calmness.

I have learn to be patient with my sister.

learned to me calm when my parents scold me.

I would say that it is the most valuable asset of mine that people rarely have.

how many can sit and think calmly at turbulent times? times of argument with your parents or siblings? to think of a proper solution? and to choose the best solution to solve the problem arises?

this skill can be applied to my everyday life, meeting different types of people with different personality, thinking of a better way to communicate and the ability to come out with a wiser solution to solve a complication.



I am back home with my sis lately and believe it or not, she still drives me up the wall sometimes. *shhh*


200 million sperms and you are the ONE that made it through,

it can be taken as a blessing or a curse,

but since it is a reality that you are the "lucky winner" now, take it as a blessing for there is nothing you can do to change it. rather accept it than to rant about it for the rest of your life.

take it as a chance to be able to learn all the things sooner than any other of your siblings.

and take it as a chance to think and talk like an adult sooner to you parents, and much to your surprise, you may find out that what your parents have done are of your best interest.



that's for now.

till then!~

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

how to survive in a tough economy

this is a post done by referring to alot of other sites and study, some might be copy paste some are my own...



With gas prices and unemployment rising, the real estate market and the US dollar declining, all this will slowly but surely affect Malaysia. So, knowing how to protect yourself during tough times is indispensable.  Here are just a few suggestions that might help.

One of the first things that many people cut from a budget in hard times is insurance.  This is one of the most important financial protectors you can have in a rough spot.  Keep your medical, life, mortgage and auto insurance. It can assure you a protection when you are really in need!!! IMPORTANT!!!

Try to cut back on expenses that aren’t necessary. (I seriously need to keep thin in mind) That seems like an obvious solution, but really go through what you are spending each month and prioritize what is necessary and what you can live without.

If you have a credit debt, work with your creditors.  If things get really bad and you can’t make a payment, don’t shut off your phone and throw your mail away.  Try talking to them to work out some kind of payment plan.  If your credit score goes down because of a collection, it can increase payments on all of your other bills. (I don't need this since I have no credit cards nor will I pay my things via credits)

Make yourself stand out at work to prevent being a casualty of a layoff.  Show your employer they cannot run their company without you. this is because most company will cut off "fats" in the company. why paying for someone who's mot worth paying right? But for me, I will have to think on how to increase my value since I am currently a student so to secure me a job in the near future.

Settle all you loan and credits!!! As soon as possible, because all loan interests are going up during the though time (it's decreased now because they (bankers) are trying to draw people to take loans). make sure you don't owe the bank anything!

Next, investments! now, all your investments is a good time to sell them all off now I suppose. According to the economic status now, all stocks are going to drop drastically so, to prevent from loosing anymore money, it's time to take back your money now before you lose even more!!!


Most of these tips are obvious, but a lot of people wait to implement them until it is too late.  If used as a preventative measure, it is possible that you can survive and even thrive in a tough economy.


well, that's almost about it... hope it helps...

those how have anything to add, be free to do so...


Monday, October 27, 2008

Happy Deepavali!~



wishing everyone a Happy Deepavali!

Deepavali Vartikal!~ (is that how you spell it?)



sorry for this blur picture~


festival of light!~


ok, this post is purely RANDOM~


Happy Diwali!~

Friday, October 24, 2008

movie day!!!~

well, study day for sis, movie day for Greg!!!!

yeah!! after a long time staying at home, I finally got the chance to go out and loosen up my legs~

today, I went for 2 movies at GSC Dataran Pahlawan Melaka~


upon arrival, I went to get my tickets straight~


but the ticketing counter is still closed...

so I waited until it is opened!



and I got myself tickets for High School Musical 3 (330pm) and my best friend's girl (1200pm)~


so, while waiting for my movie to screen, i went to a place no other than~




the I went back to the cinema


this is the movie I am supposed to be watching~

but, something happened to the film that the have something to do, dun ask me what, I also don't know...

they had to cancel the movie, so, they allow me to refund my my ticket or to choose another movie instead~

and of course, I chose another movie to watch~



this is a cool movie, must watch!!! gogogo... the story and things are all cool!!!

go watch!!!~


well, after the movie, I went to have my lunch at ZEN~

wanna know why? cause it's cheap @___@


my spaghetti~

and I had Crème brûlée for desert~


one word: heavenly!!~


then off I go to continue my movie~



I rate this movie ok, worth watching but don't expect much~

the song and choreography are worth giving credits for~



yea, picture of the day:


hot dog kecut (they are really small and dry)


pay atention at the rightest row (freaking tiny hotdogs)

what's with small sausages in carefour?!

eat already also damn bo syok right?!


till then~ off I go!~

ill treated

well, I believe many people had been treated poorly before be it in shopping malls, or by friends...

I am sure everyone has experienced it before, right?


well, lets start with being badly treated in malls or places you need services:


what I dislike most about the shopping malls are the either treating you too well, or too badly...


well, I can assume you all are thinking "treating you good also kena?!"

well... you can usually see thing in places like sungie wang where the sales assistant will keep an watchful eye on you afraid that you might just shop lift... not only that, the follow you so close that sometimes you can just bang into them if you were to turn around!!!

I dislike it, I know it's their job to assist you in your purchase in that store but isn't that overdoing it?!


now, "overdoing" aside, lets talk about the other side...

when you need assistance, the sales assistant isn't there to help you out... and you will have to wait for a period too long which will eventually ptotng stim destroy your mood to shop especially for people who has less patient like me...


and the WORST part,

sales assistant that look at your appearance to see weather you are worth assistance or not...

it's sad because there are actually such sales person!

there are a few times where I went shopping with my 3 quarter pants and slipper instead of my jeans and shoe, the sales assistant look at me with a can-you-afford-this-thing look with a very discriminating tone on her voice!!! (this thing isn't really expensive) it really pisses me off, well, of course I walked out and swear never to go back to that shop again!!!



some other experience:

case 1:

it was before Chinese New Year while I went shopping for cloths in Sungei Wang. I saw a really attractive clothes and decided that I would like to have a try, it comes in black, white and pink color. since it is CNY, so no black, and I have ENOUGH pink in my closet (3 pinks consider??) so, I wanted white...

the sales girl ask me to try on the black one first and will give me the white one as she went searching for it. so, no harm if I try on the black one first right? it looks rather good ad when I ask to try the white one instead, she don't allow me to try! reason is simple, they scared I dirty the clothes. for me, if I were to get myself a clothes, I must try before I buy everything matters from size to color. because I have learnt a lesson that some cloths can look good on the manikins but not on me.

and since she don't allow me to try after a long long plead (yes I plead her for me to try on the white color clothes) and she still don't let me. being the usual me, I just walk off and swear never to go back to the shop again. some of my friends with me saw what happened and still I think it served them right!


well there is only 1 case sample I provide, if not this post is gonna be really really REALLY long @__@



now talk about being poorly treated by people around you especially friends:

let me tell you something, if you have a friend or a group of firendS who are treating you the way that you do not deserve, they are NOT YOUR FRIEND!!!

friends are supposed to help you out, to be there for you...

NOT to ask you to continuously completing task for them and fool you around like a puppet!!! if you are with that kinda people, trust me, you will be better off without them!!!

I know this very well because I am once like that, one might fall into this position is mostly because of their physical appearance: too fat, too short, or somehow too ugly. they will try their best to join in a group which is usually discriminating them hence leads to bullying and ill treating a person...

to these kinds of people, there are many people out there who will treat you way better, those who ill treat you like that are not worth being your friends and you are not worth for them to throw you around like a puppet!

ask them to fuck off!




well, I think I have said enough, and I shall rest my case here...

anyone has anything to add? kindly comment ^^

Thursday, October 23, 2008

my 8 unique style

well, yea, this post will mainly be talking about my style...

both good and bad depending on individuals,

because some people see a personality as a good sign while some see it differently...


I shall start~


I would not force myself do things that I don't like

why would someone want to do things that they don't like? unless things that really benefits me, I will do. I have over the days learned to say no to some pleadings from my friend to help out on curricular activities (clubs, society, etc.)

some had really shown faces and attitude towards me, but what can I do? it's them who control their thoughts, not me.



once I made a decision, it's decided.

in other words, I am stubborn. pretty darn freakingly extremely stubborn!

once I decided on something, I don't often change my mind anymore...

the only reason I change my mind would be someone who has the power to influence my change by providing reasonable reasons and solutions which is better than my decision and I shall accept defeat.



I don't say sorry to a matter for more than 5 times (on minute matter)

yes! I don't!

if a person is willing to forgive you, he / she will forgive you once you say sorry for 2-3 times...

for me, I only accept one's apology once the person said "sorry", this depends on what matter it applies to.

to me, 5 times is the max amount of times I will say sorry to someone a particular matter, people who know me well will know that...

the above is for small problems, but if it is a REALLY big problem, I wouldn't apologize straight away, I would wait for at least a day or two before I apologize because I wanted time for the person and me to think over and cool down so that things can be settled clearly after that.



I shoot with M16

M16 literally means my mouth...

I am a very direct person, talking straight forward, no hidden weapons and stuffs... (alot of people agree)

if a thing is good, I will say it's good... if it's bad, get ready for me to blast your friggin ass away!

to me, I think I should let people know clearly what I am thinking and by speaking what I really think is the best way to express my thoughts and feelings on certain topic.

I made people cry with my mouth before... it's not a thing to be proud of, but just for you people to know how bad it can be...

and I haven't been really shooting for quite awhile, later people will run away from me...



you think I am innocent? think AGIAN

I do look innocent, but mentally I am not...

I always look playful and childish, but there are many things I knew of about life that I did not voice out...

I like to sit aside sometimes to look at how people interact and behave, predict what would happen to a person if he / she know about something...

looking at how people interact, how the portray themselves, looking at their personality...

by looking and noting down all those things I can actually know them better...

it can help me to look for a more effective way of communicating and interact with them...

to me, human behavior is a very special thing to learn about...



I make friends, not enemies

it's very natural the you will like someone more and dislike someone on the other side... it applies to me as well...

having an extra friend is anyhow better than having an enemies

but what I do instead was to make friends with those whom I like making friends with and still make room for those who I don't really like...

if those that I don't like really wants to find fault with me, I have no choice but just to ignore...

if things really get out of hand, you will know how evil I am...

people have seen it, I hope it won't happen again...




most praises that I receive from people is that I am a very rational thinker...

is it because I always think? thinking too much?

no, I only think of 3 things when a problem arises :

-  cause of what has happened.

- effect of the problem.

- steps need to be taken to solve the problem to be able to satisfy most amount of people


well, not to praise myself...

because of my rational thinking and observing personality skills, my prediction on an issue relating to certain peoples does often come true...



I learn from others

you don't have to learn everything by first hand because something's just too expensive to be learned.

that's what my mum told me right from the start! and it is pretty true!

I have been observing people's mistakes and take it as my own lesson, this has saved me from alot alot of short comings, I am more prepared than many other people who are facing the same sticky situation as I am.

be it love relationships (I learn by observing my friends) or problem solving (some skills I obtained from my mum herself), it all can be learned second hand! and you don't have to lose a thing!

I used to think things don't work this way, but somehow it does!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

midnight emo

the sudden feeling of loneliness struck me,

sitting alone in the living hall, at 2 am...

listening my playlist full of slow songs, emo music, and some jazz tunes....

wondering why this feeling strikes...



is it because I miss my fun filled days in KL?

is it because I miss my parents already?

is it because I miss my friends? (it's been a month since we last met)


*playing the song lucky by jason mras and colbie caillat again and again*

it just suits my mood now...



yea, I am really lucky...

lucky to be born in this small, warm loving family of mine...

lucky to be able to do the things I like...

lucky to be able to have such wonderful friends...

lucky to have been where I have been...

lucky to be coming home again...



I so wanna go to the seaside now...

listen to the sound of the wave which never to fail to take away my doubts

feel the sea breeze blowing away my emo-ness

play with the sand, reminding me how innocent I was

walk along the beach with my naked feet with my best friend, chattering away...



*I let the music fill the air and drown me*

*still re-playing the same song over and over again*

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

solve it!~

well, I have received this mail for really alot alot of times and I haven't solve the question until yesterday...

since I am sooo sooooo free, I decided to do it...


here's the question

what is the value of the 6th number in the sequence?


1, 2, 6, 42, 1806, ?????



after solving it, download this file and open it...

this is an password protected file and the answer for the question above is the password for you to open it!~


try, it's really fun, and it is really really east to solve the question!

Monday, October 20, 2008

my 5 guilty pleasures

well, there are many pleasures that comes with guilt in every indulgence we give ourselves...

it's like a ginny making your wish come true, but want something in return...


well, same goes to me...

there are so many pleasures that I enjoy but without not giving me some side effects...


1. food

not only food,, GOOD FOOD!!!

I love tasting nice food, new food, special food...

I had tried spending a day in Mid Valley with 2 friend of mine just to wonder there for food!!!

lets see, we wonder around for about 8 hours, and we had 5 meals!!!


why guilty?

extra weight and extra holes on my pocket



2. movie

why is watching movie a guilt for me?

coz I always prefer to go to the cinemas to watch movie...

I prefer it because they have better sound effect and large screen...

and all this come to money...

another hole in my pocket



3. talking


talking also guilty?!

ya... sometime i talk too much that it turned out to be crap,

crap will soon become jokes...

and my jokes are too powerful sometimes...

so, I may hurt others...

so, guilty lor...


4. sex

not that I have had sex before but who doesn't like having sex?

well, legally, it's ok...

but illegally, it's bad!!!


what if you are doing it illegally? and and up having a baby?

ohh!!! that's bad!!!

too late to feel guilty even...


that's why I am still a virgin now :p


5. chocolate

who doesn't like chocolate?! I love them!!!

but you know what's the price to pay...

yes, your body weight!!!

out of idea

ohKay peeps!~

I am officially out of ideas


don't know what to blog about edi laa~~~~


anyway, I found out this site where I can edit my photos~


here are some...

















Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sleepiest Sunday~

well, like what the title said, it's a sleepiest Sunday~

as promised, my aunt came today bringing food for us again~

and ohh!!!


it's really been a while since I have had home cooked food!!!

and it is scrumptious!~



and the meal of the DAY is~~~ (yes, DAY)


a dish of greens~ (a big big plate)



omelette~~ (2 big big pieces)



half a jenak fish!!! (it's a big big fish!!!)




ABC pork ribs soup!!!~~~ (a big big pot!!!)





it all adds up to a very very good HOME COOKED meal!!!



aunt gave us soooo much!!! it is enough for both lunch and dinner, no need to go out and eat~



thanks aunt!!~~


well, I am sure most people who read my blog here know better than me on what is biotechnology I suppose...

since I am taking my degree in Biotechnology, my readers which are also my course mates (mostly of my readers are...)

biotech is the manipulation of life (organisms) using the current advanced technology...


well, yea...

this issue has also raised alot of debate about how humans can "challenge god's will"

people say, god made life, so, who are we to change the life into something that is not?


to me, I think it's not a total bad thing at all...

there are so many contributions of biotech in the surface of the earth that we sometimes don't even notice...


being a biotech student, I am rather ashamed when a doctor told me that needle and syringe are considered a tool developed under the field of biotechnology. and the reaction I gave him is a big fat "huh"

ok, shuddup...


that's just a basic thing about biotechnology...

well, I have just finished my year 2 semester 1 of my course, and in this semester, there is a subject entitled "Principles of Biotechnology"

yes, I am in year 2 and I am only studying the principles...


in this subject, we have to get used to all the terms of biotechnology and have the chance to use SOME biotech tools made available in the school lab...

by SOME, I mean really SOME (see how I emphasis the word SOME?)

we only get to SEE our lab assistant preparing the PCR (polymerase chain reaction) machine while attending the lab session...


but still I though it was fun knowing that I am able to do such things in the near future...

we have learned how to insert a gene of interest into a plasmid and placing it into a bacteria to be cultured producing the product we want.

an example:

in the early days, pancreas (insulin production organ) of cows and horses are used clinically to treat diabetic patients since it's nearly chemical identical to human's insulin... but these insulin are not all pure enough due to the presence of non-insulin substances which leads to allergy.

but now, with the recombinant technology, human gene which express for insulin can be extracted and inserted into a plasmid which is transferred into a bacteria cell which is cultured and allowing it to reproduce and at the same time producing insulin (the product we want).

this method of producing insulin is safer for use since it reduces the amount of impurities and it can also undergo mass production which saves cost and time.


many other drugs and enzymes are produced with this method (recombinant technology) because of some of it's advantages which saves time and money.



that is why, to me, biotechnology is not all bad and has it's good side to think off as well...


my thought : can we produce an organism which can help decrease the effects of global warming by reducing global warming?

some points:

-put in photosynthetic properties into the organism

-an organism that require alot of heat to undergo metabolism (absorb heat from environment to produce cooling effect)




do you think if we are able to identify the "recovering" gene in our body, can we enhance our body's recovery process from wounds?




can we actually find ways to somehow enhance our senses? allowing us to do more than what we can? teleportation, mind reading, super strength.

ok, I am starting to sound like Mohinder Suresh @___@

but I somehow believe, all these can happen via genetic modification...

gene is the key to human behavior, physically and mentally...

believe it or not?

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Starbucks Saturday!

welli broke my personal record today!!!

I woke up at 1130AM!!!


well, I slept at 4am last night, that's why...


few days ago, my aunt called us saying that she'll bring us (my sis and I) on Sunday...

and my sis woke me up today saying that "kor!! wake up, aunt is here!!!"

the first thing I think about was "did I just slept my Saturday away?!"

and thank god... no I didn't sleep my Saturday away.... *phew*


anyway, aunt bought us bak kut teh~~~



aunt bought this from a diffeent place where I usually had my bak kut teh in Malacca...

and it's nice!!! it's more flavorful!

the one I usually have is lighter on the taste...


after lunch, sis went to study a little as I mop the floor~

and since we planned to go out for a while today, we went to pahlawan mall around 4om~



view of the field above the mall~



- get some groceries

we are running out of maggie mee, sausages, and eggs (all you need to prepare a maggie meal)


- starbucks



me with my usual~


DSC04308 raspberry tea for my sis~



- to shop

our legs are getting rusty, it needs some "grease" to help smoothen it...

so, we are also kinda walking aimless around the place...

sis bought something...

but I didn't...



- to have dinner

then we had our dinner at


old town~


DSC04314 both of us shared xi mut nai cha~



sis had their famous curry noodles~



I had nasi lemak special..

the fried chicken like kecut edi la... @__@

but still ok la overall...



and thus, this is what I did for the whole day today...

aunt is bringing lunch for us again tomorrow... hehe

good thing since I dun have to think of what I need to makan outside since my sis's reply is always "whatever la...."




I shall end this post with a pic. of mine~ I like it... took it about a month ago~



leng zai leh~~~

(pls ignore the pimples... it's just after finals and my pimples pops out when i am stressed, but now no more.. my smooth face is back)



till then~ chiao!~

Friday, October 17, 2008

thong shui house

just back from dinner~

yup, food to recommend to you again~


today, we went to thong shui house which is located somewhere near my house~



the menu~


wonder why it's called the thong shui house?

because it sells thong shui la yor...



these are the variaties of thong shui available~



I had seafood fried rice~

very very nice!!! it's a must try dish over there...

they put in ample amount of seafood, and it taste good as well!!




my sis had mee hun kuih (flour cake?)



sis and I shared a bowl of thong shui...

I forgot what it's called...




overall, it's a place worth visiting...

the thong shui are to be given credits for...

some food there are good as well~



that's all for now~


home made starbucks!

I wreally wreally miss starbucks!!!  T___T

so, today, I decided that I wanna make myself a home made starbucks quality coffee~


first, you'll need


soy milk and coffee



2 glasses (for illustration purposes, use a mug at home)



put a spoon of coffee powder and add a little LITTLE water

and it should look like this....



swirl it smoothly until all coffee powder is dissolved



then, pour the soy milk into another cup until it's almost full (remember to leave space for your coffee)



then last of all, pour in the coffee...


then, it's ready to drink~



this is a cold beverage....

it still needs some perfection before it can be really drank...

but it's considered ok...

but not really good...


anyone has any opinion on how to make the cuppa coffee better???


P/S : I tried making the hot version... and it suck to the MAX!!! @___@


PP/S : need help and advise for a better cuppa home made starbucks coffee

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Max Payne

normal human interpretation: today, sis gotta go tuition from 4 to 7

gregorule's interpretation: today, I have 3 hours for movie!!!


so, I decided to go and watch Max Payne!!!

plan to watch it because it's a recommendation from a friend (you know who you are)




my verdict?

the suckiest movie man has ever made!!!

honestly, the story suck like hell!!!!

credits to only the graphics and the graphics alone!!!

everything suck!!!

Nigel and I fell asleep in the cinema @___@


well, I got a pop corn combo before entering the hall...

and guess what,



high school musical 3 pop corn box~


haha!!! I can't wait till the movie is out~


and what's a blogger without a petite cam whore session?



this is me, it's a long time since I put my photo up... miss me???



Nigel and I~ (he's trying to act cute)



well, that's all for now~



well, I'll talk about relationship in this post today....

okok, most of you might find it funny in disbelief that I actually am writing about relationships...


let's talk about 2 individuals (boy and girl)


girls, (since I am a boy, so I shall write this from a guy's point of view)

I am sure most of you all want to know what a guy wants from a relationship right?

well, to be honest...

I can't give a precise answer to you all as well,

since all guys have different point of view of what is a relationship...

it's hard to tell...


is it affection? attention? time? understanding? accompaniment? money? sex?


to me, understanding is most important,

once you understand each other, you will somehow know what your partner is thinking, thus, the answer to the above question will be easily answered..


to be honest, what a boy want will be to have an understanding girlfriend

a girl who understands him,

know what he want's and what he needs...


and most of the time, a guy wants to be able to be there for his girl, to be able to protect her...

to be able to make her smile, seeing his girl smile means more than the world...

and most of all, to be able to share his ups and downs with her

(for me, I think long time before I can experience these feelings since I still wanna travel across the 5 continents and the 7 seas)



well, I was once naive and once thought that sex has nothing to do with love, but I was wrong perhaps?

not that it's an important part, but sex plays a petite role, but may also be a crucial role in a relationship...

many may disagree, but it's true...



and in pattorlogy, the keywords would be trust, honesty, and to give and take

you must be able to trust each other, and in order to do so, you all must be honest at the first place...

and, bare in mind that no one in this world is perfect, it's hard enough to find a person who you love and whom love you back. Give and take, forgive your partner's mistakes and accept him or her for who he or she is...




By: The Love Guru gregorule (pun intended)


this is just a short post of my thought, any agreements or apposing ideas? kindly comment...

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

dinner at the warung

it's been a while since i went for a meal at the warung outside my grandie's house...

and sis decided to have our dinner there today...

so, we went...



trying to get a pic of the place, please ignore the gal...




DSC04281 teh tarik~



air longan for me~


well, this warung serve the best mee goreng ever!!!

well, I have eaten mee goreng from that place since I was a kindergarten kid!



the fry together with cucur, and it reminds me who much I liked it while i was young!!! (I even curi from my cousin's pack of mee goreng)

tasted like before!~~ still good!!!



and this


nasi goreng kampung (since I am in a kampung)

decided to try something different since I always had mee goreng whenever I go makan there...

the fried rice is nice, but the anchovies are not crispy enough and are kinda hard to chew...


and the bill came!!!~

SO CHEAP!!!! this puls 5 pieces of pisang goreng for only LESS THAN RM9!!!


food's good but later, both my sis's and my stomach acted weirdly...

you asked if it's worth it?

I say no...