Friday, June 25, 2010

starting a new life

It’s been about a month ever since I’ve came back from Perth and still, I’ve not finish updating posts about the trip. I’m a very bad blogger I know…

In my defence, I was busy hunting for a job. Yes, and I’ve finally got a job with a decent pay. or at least I think and hope it is… hmm… let’s hope things work out for the best… =)

Work starts on the 1st of July and I’ll be moving up to KL on the 28th June and hopefully things will turn out fine.

I’ve done some major shopping today for formal clothes and a new pair of leather shoes. what else will I be needing? Gees, I’m spending like nobody’s business before I even start working ehh? That’s bad… really bad…

Starting to work means there’s alot of things I’ll have to worry about already ehh? And all of it would revolve around money! Seriously, paying my PTPTN loan, petrol, food, Insurance… woah! those adds up to alot you know! *faints* At least I wouldn’t have to worry about traffic jam when travelling to and from work! =D

But still, it’s time to take up some responsibilities and let my mum pamper me for another 1 or 2 months ehh?

Let’s welcome the new life of mine! =D

I’m optimistic!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

too many things

As the title have said, there are too many things happening around me and my brain is always thinking about stuffs and I couldn’t even think of what to blog now… =(

at least I have this to blog…

Saturday, June 12, 2010

King’s Park, Perth

DSC03694 Welcome to King’s Park!~ As you can see in this picture, Behind this leng zai (your’s truly), is the Perth city!~ =D

DSC03698 It’s really windy over there and cold. REAL COLD!

DSC03699 with the the uncles and cousins!~

DSC03703 if you’re wondering what I’m wondering at that time, I was wondering if the girl's blind.

DSC03705 a family picture on the bridge~

DSC03710 2 little ducks in the small pond.


DSC03712 We’ve also went to Western Australia University for a look after that before heading home~

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Barbeque at Perth

IMG_6762 On the third day, we visited the waterfront~ a very very nice place if you’d ask me~

and had BBQ dinner at home~

It’s rather enjoying to do barbeque over there because of the weather and you don’t even sweat standing in front of the stove to cook!~ it really makes cooking a pleasure~

IMG_6779 the food about to be cooked!~

IMG_6789 the chefs of the night~~ =D

IMG_6788 so enticing!~

IMG_6797 and it’s served!~

IMG_6805 my plate~ (we still have some veggies, no worries… not a hundred percent meat… jz 90 percent!~ XD)

I so freaking miss the barbeque now! T_______T

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Perth!~ day 2


We went to the wholesale market on the second day to buy some fresh salmon, mussel, smoked salmon, lamb, beef, Portobello mushrooms, celeriac, and some veggies~

after that, we head home and prepare Breakfast~

IMG_6611 cooking the Bacon and mushrooms in the BBQ grill

IMG_6615 a very hearty breakfast of bacon, eggs, mushroom, baked beans and bread!~

Then, we went to Fremantle~IMG_6625 a place to visit when you’re in Perth!~

IMG_6628 It was a rainy day =( but it’s not going to stop us from having fun!~ =D

IMG_6681 We’ve also went to the Maritime Museum and took a group picture together~

IMG_6690 Fish and chips for lunch!~ and it’s so damn awesome!~

IMG_6695 The portion was huge and this was supposed to be for four persons!


IMG_6700 My new found love~ Ginger beer~ and my sis enjoying the chips~

We headed home after that since we’re all quite tired, and soon, we’re ready to prepare for dinner~


We’ve got

IMG_6715 Mussel and

IMG_6723 Salmon for dinner~

and IMG_6736 some Portuguese egg tart for dessert!~

That end’s my second day in Perth~


P/S: I went for a job interview as a medical lab technician, and the only offer RM1500! Seriously, how can one live in KL with RM1500 a month!?