Sunday, July 17, 2011

Dream High!

Dream High - OST

This is the song currently set to repeat itself on my playlist in iTunes. Love it! =D

Like the song says, Dream high.

After a year of working in the company, my boss finally decided it’s time for me to move to another department. Overseeing 2 of the most challenging and high volume accounts of the company:

Malaysia Airlines System (MAS): headcount of about 60,000 employees

and Foreign Workers: 600,000 registered members and increasing.

Being transferred into a new department means more opportunities are opened for me, more things for me to learn, more things for me to do, with the possibility of more late nights and more stress, not knowing if I’m getting a promotion or a good increment.

It’s a challenge I’m willing to take up and I’m more than interested to take this opportunity to prove myself to be a suitable candidate in the managerial position.

Thus, I give myself 2 months to learn up all the processes of the new department and the policies set.

All that being said, the long term plan that have always been so clear to me seems blurry all of a sudden. I am starting to have doubts of what my priorities are. What are my long term and short term goals? What I want out of life? Where I want to be?

I am going to need time to think everything through carefully again. I need to give myself a time frame to get my goals right and my priorities straight.


and most important of all, I need a vacation!


I need to DREAM HIGH!

Sunday, July 10, 2011


“Clean”, the word that people generally used to describe hygiene.

Surgeons have to scrub before performing a surgery so that there are clean…

We shower to clean ourselves…

We sweep, we wipe, and we wash to clean…



To clean up your own mess, is your responsibility.

To clean up someone’s mess, is a pain.

you are not required to, but you did.

Because when you clean up someone’s mess;

it shows that you care.


“Clean”, also the word that implies “fresh”.

A clean slate - everyone wants it.

But, how many people actually gets it?

A clean slate – is all that I wished for.

That not everyone is willing to give.

-A fresh start-


“Clean” – The word that is generally used to describe hygiene,

is being used today,  a rally.

Which bares the meaning “fair”.

so that we can have a fair election.


But there’s one thing I’ve learned since I was a young boy.

Nothing, is fair.

Nothing, is clean.